Wrestling wins matches at Evanston

Kemmerer’s wrestling team had a good start to the season over the weekend at the Evanston Invitational.

Against Evanston, Kemmerer scored 54 points to Evanston’s 16. AQ Peternal, Casen Smith, Karl Haslem, Mont Haslem, Conner Vickrey, Gabe Emery, Riggen Walker, Tyler McKane and Tanner Schramm all scored six points for the team.

Lyman won the duals 43-29 against Kemmerer. Jonathan Platt, Karl Haslem, Casen Smith and AQ Peternal each scored six points against Lyman. Gabe Emery scored five points against Lyman.

Kemmerer fought hard against Pinedale but ended up losing 44-30 at the invitational. Jonathan Platt, Karl Haslem, Gabe Emery, Riggen Walker and Tyler McKane each scored six points for Kemmerer when against Pinedale.

Kemmerer went against Rock Springs twice, winning both times with scores of 54-28 and 48-33. Jonathan Platt, Bryce Brown, Mont Haslem, Conner Vickrey, Gabe Emery, Ayden Kelly, Riggen Walker and Casen Smith each earned 12 points for Kemmerer. AQ Peternal earned six points against Rock Springs.

Kemmerer defeated Mountain View 44-28 at the invitational. Tanner Scramm, AQ Peternal, Karl Haslem, Mont Haslem, Conner Vickrey and Gabe Emery each scored six points against Mountain View. Bryce Brown scored five points and Riggen Walker scored three points for Kemmerer.

The Kemmerer Rangers’ next match will be on Dec. 19 at home against Big Piney, Cokeville, Lyman, Mountain View and Pinedale.