Unofficial election results for Lincoln County Wyoming 2018 general election

Lincoln County residents voted in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The Gazette has compiled local results for our coverage area. State and national election results will be in the Gazette on Nov. 8. 

All election results are unofficial until the State Canvassing Board meets to certify the results of the General Election on Wednesday, November 14th – eight days after the election.

There were a total of 7,267 ballots cast in Lincoln County. 

The special purpose excise tax (sixth penny) ballot proposition did not pass. The votes were 3090 for the proposition and 3669 against the proposition.


Rose Arndt won the Cokeville mayor race with 110 votes. Stanley Thompson Jr. had 81.

Taylor Allred (85 votes) and Michael Shane Pope (152) won the two open Cokeville council seats. Opponents Charles L. Dayton had 51 votes and Wayne Harmon had 84 votes.



The Diamondville mayor race went to Charles “Mark” Langley with 181 votes. Langley ran unopposed.

Clint M. Bowen (177 votes) and Kathleen J. Stukel (128 votes) won the two 4-year Diamondville council positions. Opponent Phillip Joseph Viviano received 113 votes.

Eric Backman won the 2-year Diamondville council seat with 143 votes. Nicole Petersen received 92 votes.



Vance Chamberlain ran unopposed for Kemmerer Council Ward 1 and received 236 votes.

Mark Quinn ran unopposed for Kemmerer Council Ward 2 and received 238 votes.

Eric Rudy was re-elected to Kemmerer Council Ward 3 with 230 votes. Opponent April Corwin received 141 votes.



In the LaBarge mayor race, Larry Stepp won with 112 votes. Opponent Betty Moceika received 99 votes.

Bobby Jacobson (116 votes) and Zachary Key (128 votes) were elected to the two open LaBarge council positions. Opponents Lucas Anstett (47) and Tony J. Portera (86).


County Commissioners: JERRY T. HARMON was re-elected with 5,109 votes. Robert King was also re-elected with 4,640 votes.

County Coroner: Dain Schwab ran unopposed and received 6,175 votes. 

County Attorney: Spencer Allred received 6,200 votes. 

County Sheriff: Shane Johnson received 6,371 votes. 

County Clerk: April Brunski received 6,434 votes.

County Treasurer: Jerry Greenfield received 6,196 votes.

County Assessor: Debbie Larson received 6,352 votes.

Clerk of District Court: Kenneth D. Roberts received 6,334 votes.


Anthony J. Ritzdorf won the unopposed Opal mayor race with 16 votes. Michael Beehler and John McKnight IV were elected to the two open Opal council seats with 16 votes and 12 votes, respectively.



Robert Peternal was re-elected to the Lincoln County School District No. 1 school board with 1047 votes. Don Lamborn was also re-elected to the LCSD No. 1 school board with 977 votes.



Lincoln Conservation District Director (Rural Candidate) – Dan Kruckenberg with 1082 votes

Lincoln Conservation District Director (Urban Candidate) – Paula Bowling with 1681 votes

South Lincoln Hospital District Trustee (2-year term) – David Fagnant with 1308 votes

South Lincoln Hospital District Trustee (4-year term) – William Ball with 461 votes

Dan Kruckenberg (1082 votes) and Dennis Oden (945 votes) were elected to the two open South Lincoln Fire District Director positions.