Three things you should know: Diamondville town meeting

The Diamondville Town Council met on Monday, Sept. 21. There were three items on the agenda for discussion.

1. Internet

Tina Robinson, Diamondville town clerk, approached the council to approve a new internet contract with Allwest. Robinson said this would improve the quality of internet in all town buildings. Robinson also said this could improve the credit card machine at the car wash. The new contract would increase spending by $700 a year. The council approved the contract.

2. Bids for lighting

The council discussed placing a bid for the upgraded light provided by a grant from the Wyoming Energy Authority. They decided to host a job walk-through for interested contractors on Nov. 16 at 9 a.m. The council was concerned that not as many LEDs would be needed, leaving non-working lights in the ceiling.

“I don’t want a hole left in the ceiling with a light we can’t remove because no one is qualified to do it,” Councilperson Clint Bowen said.

Robinson and Mayor Charles Langley said there would be more information coming to them in the following weeks.

3. Security Cameras

The council discussed placing security cameras in the car wash in order to reduce vandalism. Robinson presented the council with estimates she received from Peak Alarms and Infinity. The council discussed where the cameras would be placed. The council agreed the security system would eventually pay for itself by catching vandals. The council approved the installation of security cameras in the bays of the car wash by Peak Alarms.