Three things: City Council Aug. 10

The Kemmerer City Council met on Monday, Aug. 10. There were three items on the agenda for discussion. Besides talks about the J.C. Penney Store, here are three things you should know from the meeting.

1. Signs on public property

The council talked about having signs during events on public property. This was brought up by a community member who expressed concerns about political signs in the Triangle during a meet-and-greet with a candidate. After much discussion regarding temporary as well as political signs, the council agreed that political signs, as well as other temporary signs, are allowed as long as they are not violating other terms set forth by the city code and are only there during the event. Brian Muir will work with other city employees to create a space for signage descriptions and clarify the event form for citizens.

2. Color of the new snowplow trucks

When ordering the new snowplow trucks, the color of black was put down, which some disagreed with. One councilperson wanted the trucks white so it would match the rest of they fleet. The main reason for the color black was to comply with FFA guidelines along with recommendations from other organizations. A darker color, according to these guidelines, is easier to see in the snow, therefore making it safer for pedestrians and citizens. The council approved the color with a majority vote.

3. Old blower motor

The council decided to make all the necessary repairs to the motor of a blower. They were presented with the minimum fixes and then a second bid for a full repair. The council approved the full repair with the condition of letting Brian Muir, city administrator, and Chad Nielson, the public works director, take care of any minor changes that need to be made during the repair.