Things you should know: Diamondville town meeting, Nov. 2

The Diamondville Town Council gathered for their biweekly meeting on Monday, Nov. 2. The council met in front of a full house with standing room only. Police Chief Jeff Kolata said the new decals are looking good and they are working to get the last car decaled. Tina Robinson, town clerk, gave updates for the Parks and Streets departments. The skating rink is being prepared and bay three at the car wash is closed and waiting for a part to get it running again. Robinson said she has been updating the overdue garbage bills which currently stand at 64 accounts. There was one new business item and one old business item on the agenda.

1. Coronavirus funding

Diamondville is attempting to put together an application for the Coronavirus Relief Grant. There is a tight timeline, however. Applications are due Nov. 16, the funding is decided by Dec. 3, and the projects must be finished by Dec. 15, according to Robinson. The town will ask for funding to build a new counter to increase security of the town hall. They were also discussing new computers in order to more effectively telecommute and help residents without increasing the COVID-19 risk. The counter would close off the entrance of the building in order to maintain more control of who enters the rest of the rooms. This and a glass barrier would allow for more protection from COVID-19 spread. Many council members and Chief Kolata noted that this would also be for after the pandemic as it would provide the protection most government buildings already have. The counter would prevent people from wandering the building where they please and would allow a defense in case of an intruder.

“We want it to look professional even after COVID-19,” Councilperson Clint Bowen said. “We don’t want it to look like something that was thrown together for COVID-19.”

However, the town has already been approved for the same project through an Exxon grant. Robinson said that the funds and project from Exxon had been delayed indefinitely. The council discussed if they should try to get the Coronavirus Relief Fund to pay for it or wait for the Exxon grant. They decided to ask for the funds from the Coronavirus Relief Fund since the project still needs to be done as soon as possible. If the funds are approved, the town will let Exxon know.

2. Dumping yard waste

The town council discussed allowing residents to dump yard waste in a dugout across the concrete bridge in Diamondville. Chief Kolata contacted the fire chief to talk about burning the pile at certain times during the year. The fire chief said they could coordinate a time with the street crew to burn the yard waste safely. The council said that Diamondville residents can drop off lawn clipping, leaves, branches and other yard waste in the dugout. There will be signs with more guidelines posted at the drop-off site.

“This is a trial,” Mayor Charles Langley said. “We will do this until it is abused. If it gets abused then it will go away as fast as it came.”


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