Things you should know: Diamondville town meeting

The Diamondville Town Council gathered on Monday, Oct. 5, for their biweekly meeting. After department updates, there were two agenda items.

1. Selling the old garbage truck

The council discussed selling the old garbage truck and putting that money toward a new one. Dave Waldner said he asked someone at Ameritech Equipment Company, the builders of Diamondville’s newest garbage truck, for an estimate based on photos of the truck. The estimate they received was $6,000. The council discussed allowing other municipalities in the area to bid first before advertising to the general public. The council tabled the item until they can have someone come and do a full inspection of the truck for a more accurate estimate.

2. Depreciation accounts

The council discussed opening depreciation accounts for the police department and the parks department. The money in these accounts would consist of what is left over in each department’s budget at the end of the year. These funds would only be used for emergencies, equipment and vehicles with council approval.

Councilperson Kathy Stukel voiced her confusion and said she thought there were already accounts open as the council had been splitting the money left over in budgets between the departments for as long as she had been on the council.

Town Clerk Tina Robinson said the only unknown account she had found was one that contained $10,400 at Bank of the West. Robinson said she went through past resolutions and could not find any that resulted in the money being transferred. The council came to the conclusion that the money must have been there for repairs on a truck and the money came out of a different budget.

Councilperson Stukel was concerned about where the money from past years for the depreciation accounts was located. Robinson said it must have been located within the general fund and not a separate account. Stukel voiced concern over the lost money supposedly in the accounts since she has been on council.

The council voted to open two new depreciation accounts, one for each department, in order to better keep track of the money and have a paper trail for the council to track in the future.


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