Things to know: LCSD board meeting

The Lincoln County School District No. 1 board met for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10. At the beginning of the meeting, the students of the month for both secondary schools were honored.

The board also honored those who had received good sportsmanship awards from the Wyoming High School Activities Association. Aaron Ortiz received an award for his hard work and ability to keep his team’s tempers under control during the Big Piney versus Kemmerer game. Makenzie Teuscher received the award for her great effort and encouragement to her teammates to do their best. Laurel Clarke received the award for her great effort and ability to be competitive with class and sportsmanship. Both the high school and eighth grade volleyball teams received the award for kindness and representing Kemmerer well at away meets.

1. Indoor Track at Mountain View

Kinley Plowman approached the board during public comment to ask to run for Mountain View during the indoor track season starting in January. Plowman said that last year, her junior year, was when colleges start looking at individuals for scholarships and because the season was canceled, she didn’t get that chance. Plowman said she would like this opportunity to help her gain more toward a scholarship. The board adjourned into special session. They decided to allow a combination school agreement for this winter season. This means that any student who wants to run for Mountain View now can. There are stipulations, however, the most important being that parents and guardians must provide the transportation to Mountain View.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen at Canyon Elementary is finally getting the finishing touches. While there are still minor parts and training coming in the future, the kitchen will be open to capacity on Monday, Nov. 16. This means that before the end of the month, the gym will be back in working order and available for gym classes.

3. COVID-19 Update

According to Theresa Chaulk, Lincoln County School District No. 1 superintendent, there were 31 cases in Kemmerer as of the meeting. Around 40 kids in the district are quarantined and considered remote learners for the 14-day period. Six kids have tested positive, according to Chaulk. If a student has been exposed, they have 14 days from the day of exposure to be a remote learner before coming back to school. If a student tests positive, they have 10 days before coming back to school, unless they are still sick, Chaulk said. Students may return to school, in either instance, before that time if they can turn in a negative COVID-19 test. Chaulk made it clear they are not requiring a negative test in order to return to school.

4. Resolutions

The Wyoming School Board Association is having a meeting later in the month to discuss resolutions they would like to be passed. The first one raises the age of required school attendance to 18 or graduation. This is to lessen the dropout rate. The second one lowers the mandatory age for kids to be sent to school to six, homeschool excluded. The third is to include matters of safety and sensitive issues in executive sessions. The fourth allows school boards to increase and decrease their numbers without legislative consent. The last adds a one penny tax for school funding. The board supports the first three. To the fourth they would like changes to make sure there are checks and balances. The last one they would like to discuss at the meeting later in the month because it is to give more money to schools, but Congress isn’t the one asking for the change. Each of these has to be passed by congress before being accepted as law in Wyoming. This just allows the Wyoming School Board Association to know what the school boards of the state would like them to champion.

5. Policy JEB

This policy allows kids who turn age five on or before Sept. 15 the ability to take the readiness tests for kindergarten. Kids who turn five after Sept. 15 are already allowed to take the test. This allows more flexibility for parents and students.