The Rangers have two wrestling state champions

The Kemmerer Rangers had a great time at the state championships on Feb. 25. After many rounds of wrestling, the Rangers finished with second place overall and two state champions. Conner Vickrey, 120 lbs second-time champion, placed first in his weight class and scored 27 team points. Karl Haslem placed first in the 106-pound weight class and scored 30 points for the team.

Overall, Kemmerer scored 173 points during the state championship, placing them is second behind Wright, who had 200 points. Cokeville was just behind Kemmerer, taking third place with 168.5 points.

During state, each participant wrestled many matches throughout the day.

Karl Haslem’s first match was against Daniel Grubb of Dubois. Haslem won by fall. In his second match against Wyatt Cook of Moorcroft, he also won by fall. In the semifinal match, Haslem wrestled Grant Logsdon from Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast and again won by fall. During the championship round, Haslem competed against Josiah Stockwell of Saratoga. Haslem won by fall.

Conner Vickrey’s first match was against Tucker Edwards of Wright. Vickrey won by fall against Edwards. His second match was against Aiden Collingwood of Tongue River. Again, Vickrey won by fall. During the semifinal match, Vickrey won by decision over Kaleb Brothwell of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast, 5-3. In the championship match, Vickrey won by major decision over Cardon Mickelson of Lovell, 14-6.

Gabe Emery, 126 lbs, placed second and scored 24.0 team points. In his first match, he competed against Daniel Blair of Thermopolis and won by fall. During the quarter final, Emery won by fall over Jerry Everett of Saratoga. In the semifinal match, Emery wrestled against Kagen Baker of Wright and won by fall. In the championship match, Emery wrestled Nathaniel Boreen of Rocky Mountain. Boreen won by decision, 12-7.

Ayden Kelly, 132 lbs, placed sixth and scored 11.0 team points. Kelly’s first round was against Jacob Anderson of Moorcroft. Kelly won by fall. During the quarterfinal Deonte Taylor of Hulett won by fall over Ayden Kelly. The first placement match, Kelly won by fall over Jadyn Snyder of Lovell. The second placement match, Ayden Kelly won in sudden victory over Wyatt Mackey of Cokeville. The semifinal placement match, Colton Coffman of Niobrara County won by major decision over Ayden Kelly, 15-4. During the fifth place match, Isaac Struna of Dubois won by fall over Ayden Kelly.

Riggen Walker, 145 lbs, placed second and scored 22.0 team points. During his first round, Riggen Walker won by fall over Corbin Barry  of Lovell. In the quarterfinal match, Riggen Walker won by fall over Eddie Tokarczyk of Hulett. During the semifinal match, Riggen Walker won by decision over Dustin Simmons of Glenrock, 12-10. In the first place match, Pehton Truempler of Shoshoni won by fall over Riggen Walker.

Casen Smith, 160 lbs, placed fourth and scored 18.0 team points. In the first round, Smith won by decision over Charles Dillon of Wind River, 8-1. During the quarterfinal, Joseph K. Kennah of Hulett won by decision over Smith,13-9. In the first placement round, Smith won by fall over Sterling Norris of Moorcroft. In his second placement match, Smith won by fall over Brant Fullmer of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast. During the semifinal placement match, Casen Smith won by fall over Corden Phillips of Glenrock. The third-place match ended with Eli Linford of Cokeville winning by fall over Smith.

AQ Peternal, 170 pounds, placed fifth and scored 15.0 team points. During his first round, Peternal won by fall over Lee Grimm of Thermopolis. In the quarterfinal, AQ Peternal won by fall over Addison Lyman of Cokeville. During Peternal’s semifinal match, Kayden Mack of Wright won by fall over AQ Peternal. In his first placement match, Hunter Garoutte of Moorcroft won by fall over AQ Peternal. During the fifth-place match, Peternal won by fall over Aiden Henson of Rocky Mountain.

Dylan Hagler, 195, placed fourth and scored 16.0 team points. During his first match, Hagler won by fall over Leo Lyons of Sundance. In the quarterfinal, Hagler won by fall over Michael Cook of Cokeville. In the semifinal match, Logan Cole of Thermopolis won by fall over Dylan Hagler. In his first placement match, Hagler won by decision over Josh Pridgeon of Sundance, 8-5. In the third-place match, Zane Collins of Lovell won by fall over Dylan Hagler

Final results:

2A-106 lbs

1st Place - Karl Haslem of Kemmerer

2nd Place - Josiah Stockwell of Saratoga

3rd Place - Grant Logsdon of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast

4th Place - Wyitt Knight of Wright

5th Place - Gabe Matthews of Niobrara County

6th Place - Wyatt Cook of Moorcroft

1st Place Match

Karl Haslem (Kemmerer) 32-5, So. over Josiah Stockwell (Saratoga) 21-7, Fr. (Fall 2:53)

3rd Place Match

Grant Logsdon (Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast) 32-2, Jr. over Wyitt Knight (Wright) 12-5, So. (Fall 3:48)

5th Place Match

Gabe Matthews (Niobrara County) 31-12, Fr. over Wyatt Cook (Moorcroft) 22-13, Fr. (Fall 2:12)

2A-113 lbs

1st Place - Sean Buckmiller of Moorcroft

2nd Place - Brock Blevins of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast

3rd Place - Wyatt Sylvester of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast

4th Place - Aidan Ruby of Wind River

5th Place - Tuker Carricato of Saratoga

6th Place - William Spann of Lovell

1st Place Match

Sean Buckmiller (Moorcroft) 38-2, Sr. over Brock Blevins (Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast) 20-2, Sr. (Fall 5:33)

3rd Place Match

Wyatt Sylvester (Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast) 23-4, Fr. over Aidan Ruby (Wind River) 26-13, Fr. (Fall 0:56)

5th Place Match

Tuker Carricato (Saratoga) 16-6, Fr. over William Spann (Lovell) 19-8, So. (Fall 2:56)

2A-120 lbs

1st Place - Connor Vickrey of Kemmerer

2nd Place - Cardon Mickelson of Lovell

3rd Place - Kaleb Brothwell of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast

4th Place - Pace Garrett of Wright

5th Place - Micah Petersen of Cokeville

6th Place - David West of Niobrara County

1st Place Match

Connor Vickrey (Kemmerer) 30-8, Jr. over Cardon Mickelson (Lovell) 18-7, Sr. (MD 14-6)

3rd Place Match

Kaleb Brothwell (Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast) 33-1, Fr. over Pace Garrett (Wright) 33-6, Fr. (Dec 3-2)

5th Place Match

Micah Petersen (Cokeville) 19-18, Fr. over David West (Niobrara County) 25-16, Fr. (Fall 2:41)

2A-126 lbs

1st Place - Nathaniel Boreen of Rocky Mountain

2nd Place - Gabe Emery of Kemmerer

3rd Place - Kagen Baker of Wright

4th Place - Jerry Everett of Saratoga

5th Place - Trenton Sheehan of Moorcroft

6th Place - Talon Granaas of Glenrock

1st Place Match

Nathaniel Boreen (Rocky Mountain) 15-0, Jr. over Gabe Emery (Kemmerer) 30-9, Fr. (Dec 12-7)

3rd Place Match

Kagen Baker (Wright) 33-8, Sr. over Jerry Everett (Saratoga) 23-6, Sr. (Fall 2:17)

5th Place Match

Trenton Sheehan (Moorcroft) 22-13, Fr. over Talon Granaas (Glenrock) 24-16, Jr. (Dec 4-0)

2A-132 lbs

1st Place - Deonte Taylor of Hulett

2nd Place - Tyzer Isenberger of Wright

3rd Place - Asher Nicholson of Lovell

4th Place - Colton Coffman of Niobrara County

5th Place - Isaac Struna of Dubois

6th Place - Ayden Kelly of Kemmerer

1st Place Match

Deonte Taylor (Hulett) 29-3, Sr. over Tyzer Isenberger (Wright) 29-11, Sr. (MD 13-3)

3rd Place Match

Asher Nicholson (Lovell) 29-3, Sr. over Colton Coffman (Niobrara County) 31-7, So. (Fall 4:54)

5th Place Match

Isaac Struna (Dubois) 32-5, Jr. over Ayden Kelly (Kemmerer) 17-21, So. (Fall 4:34)

2A-138 lbs

1st Place - Wyatt McDermott of Thermopolis

2nd Place - Kaden Tescher of Wright

3rd Place - Cael Thompson of Cokeville

4th Place - Landen Brownlee of Wind River

5th Place - Slayd Daley of Saratoga

6th Place - Paxton Piasecki of Glenrock

1st Place Match

Wyatt McDermott (Thermopolis) 29-4, Jr. over Kaden Tescher (Wright) 29-7, Sr. (Dec 9-3)

3rd Place Match

Cael Thompson (Cokeville) 29-4, So. over Landen Brownlee (Wind River) 17-12, Jr. (Fall 1:28)

5th Place Match

Slayd Daley (Saratoga) 25-8, So. over Paxton Piasecki (Glenrock) 17-9, Jr. (Fall 1:20)

2A-145 lbs

1st Place - Pehton Truempler of Shoshoni

2nd Place - Riggen Walker of Kemmerer

3rd Place - Trent Lytle of Rocky Mountain

4th Place - Garrett Reece of Cokeville

5th Place - Brandon Jones of Big Piney

6th Place - Dustin Simmons of Glenrock

1st Place Match

Pehton Truempler (Shoshoni) 41-1, So. over Riggen Walker (Kemmerer) 32-7, So. (Fall 0:20)

3rd Place Match

Trent Lytle (Rocky Mountain) 19-4, Sr. over Garrett Reece (Cokeville) 16-6, Jr. (Fall 1:36)

5th Place Match

Brandon Jones (Big Piney) 21-14, So. over Dustin Simmons (Glenrock) 25-11, Sr. (Dec 8-5)

2A-152 lbs

1st Place - Roedy Farrell of Thermopolis

2nd Place - Wyatt Trembly of Dubois

3rd Place - Duke Gibble of Shoshoni

4th Place - Braxton Smith of Big Piney

5th Place - Ammon Halls of Cokeville

6th Place - Aden Nicholson of Lovell

1st Place Match

Roedy Farrell (Thermopolis) 25-4, So. over Wyatt Trembly (Dubois) 32-2, Fr. (Fall 1:47)

3rd Place Match

Duke Gibble (Shoshoni) 35-7, Jr. over Braxton Smith (Big Piney) 22-9, Sr. (MD 11-1)

5th Place Match

Ammon Halls (Cokeville) 18-8, Sr. over Aden Nicholson (Lovell) 10-25, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

2A-160 lbs

1st Place - Tryston Truempler of Shoshoni

2nd Place - Jacob Goodrich of Wright

3rd Place - Eli Linford of Cokeville

4th Place - Casen Smith of Kemmerer

5th Place - Joseph K Kennah of Hulett

6th Place - Corden Phillips of Glenrock

1st Place Match

Tryston Truempler (Shoshoni) 37-2, Sr. over Jacob Goodrich (Wright) 30-9, Sr. (Fall 1:32)

3rd Place Match

Eli Linford (Cokeville) 27-7, Sr. over Casen Smith (Kemmerer) 17-7, Sr. (Fall 1:38)

5th Place Match

Joseph K Kennah (Hulett) 27-4, Sr. over Corden Phillips (Glenrock) 21-18, Sr. (Fall 0:59)

2A-170 lbs

1st Place - Myzek McArthur of Lovell

2nd Place - Kayden Mack of Wright

3rd Place - Hunter Garoutte of Moorcroft

4th Place - Matt Thompson of Cokeville

5th Place - AQ Peternal of Kemmerer

6th Place - Aiden Henson of Rocky Mountain

1st Place Match

Myzek McArthur (Lovell) 23-7, Sr. over Kayden Mack (Wright) 34-3, Sr. (Fall 4:50)

3rd Place Match

Hunter Garoutte (Moorcroft) 23-3, Sr. over Matt Thompson (Cokeville) 23-12, Sr. (Fall 4:15)

5th Place Match

AQ Peternal (Kemmerer) 24-6, Sr. over Aiden Henson (Rocky Mountain) 13-10, Jr. (Fall 1:54)

2A-182 lbs

1st Place - Dekken Mayer of Moorcroft

2nd Place - Charlee Thomson of Wright

3rd Place - Landon Walker of Cokeville

4th Place - Lane Raney of Glenrock

5th Place - Luke Singer of Tongue River

6th Place - Colter Collver of Wind River

1st Place Match

Dekken Mayer (Moorcroft) 40-8, Sr. over Charlee Thomson (Wright) 33-3, Jr. (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match

Landon Walker (Cokeville) 32-3, So. over Lane Raney (Glenrock) 35-3, Sr. (Fall 3:31)

5th Place Match

Luke Singer (Tongue River) 11-10, Sr. over Colter Collver (Wind River) 24-7, Sr. (Dec 17-14)

2A-195 lbs

1st Place - Logan Cole of Thermopolis

2nd Place - Thomas Howard of Big Piney

3rd Place - Zane Collins of Lovell

4th Place - Dylan Hagler of Kemmerer

5th Place - Michael Cook of Cokeville

6th Place - Josh Pridgeon of Sundance

1st Place Match

Logan Cole (Thermopolis) 19-1, Sr. over Thomas Howard (Big Piney) 22-10, So. (Fall 1:24)

3rd Place Match

Zane Collins (Lovell) 17-9, So. over Dylan Hagler (Kemmerer) 20-17, Fr. (Fall 1:59)

5th Place Match

Michael Cook (Cokeville) 30-6, Jr. over Josh Pridgeon (Sundance) 10-7, Sr. (Fall 2:43)

2A-220 lbs

1st Place - Tucker Jensen of Wind River

2nd Place - Tate Clutter of Greybull/Riverside

3rd Place - Ethan Mack of Wright

4th Place - Rosendo Garcia of Lovell

5th Place - Connor Viehweg of Cokeville

6th Place - Christian Reilly of Hulett

1st Place Match

Tucker Jensen (Wind River) 24-7, So. over Tate Clutter (Greybull/Riverside) 22-5, Sr. (Fall 4:59)

3rd Place Match

Ethan Mack (Wright) 32-16, Jr. over Rosendo Garcia (Lovell) 18-6, Fr. (Fall 0:44)

5th Place Match

Connor Viehweg (Cokeville) 21-4, Jr. over Christian Reilly (Hulett) 18-8, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)

2A-285 lbs

1st Place - Remington Ferree of Thermopolis

2nd Place - Jonathan Hilder of Shoshoni

3rd Place - Will Baker of Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast

4th Place - Cruz Garcia of Lovell

5th Place - Sheldon Jolley of Hulett

6th Place - Cole Barrett of Wind River

1st Place Match

Remington Ferree (Thermopolis) 18-1, Sr. over Jonathan Hilder (Shoshoni) 36-3, Sr. (Fall 5:01)

3rd Place Match

Will Baker (Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast) 23-4, Jr. over Cruz Garcia (Lovell) 20-5, Sr. (Fall 2:36)

5th Place Match

Sheldon Jolley (Hulett) 21-9, Sr. over Cole Barrett (Wind River) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 4:11)



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