The Kemmerer Gazette welcomes high school intern

Alana Graley is the Kemmerer Gazette’s new intern. // By Mysti Willmon

Recently, the Kemmerer Gazette welcomed a new intern, Alana Graley. Graley was born in Kemmerer but spent most of her childhood growing up in a small county in West Virgina. There she was surrounded by her family in a tight knit community even smaller than Kemmerer with a population of only 1,357 people.

It wasn’t until she moved back to Kemmerer in her third-grade year that she developed a love for books. The Percy Jackson book series is what Graley attributes as the first books she really became invested in. As Graley continued to develop as a reader by reading more elaborate works, she realized reading wasn’t her only passion. Graley began to write stories for her elementary English assignments; however, as time progressed, writing stories became a hobby.

Currently, Graley dedicates herself to her schoolwork, friends and family. She does, however, still pursue her interests in writing, photography and reading, among other things, as often as she can. In the future, Graley aspires to go to college to continue her education. Graley intends to study in the fields of either education or criminal justice.

“Education has always been a passion in my life; I love to learn,” she said. She also said the root of her interest in criminal justice is likely due to her interest in human psychology and the mysteries of the topic. She hopes to pursue a side career as an author in the young adult genre.

Graley sees the opportunity of interning at the Kemmerer Gazette as a way to further explore her love for writing. Through journalism she hopes to develop an understanding of not only creative writing, but also other styles of writing.



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