Swensen joins SLMC staff

Dr. Eric Swensen is a new face at South Lincoln Medical Center. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Dr. Eric Swensen, D.O., is a new face at South Lincoln Medical Center. A doctor of osteopathic medicine, Swensen is trained to treat a whole patient, rather than their disease alone, often using preventive techniques.

Swensen spent his childhood in the Magic Valley, near Paul, Idaho. He said in an interview, “My father had a small grocery store and was a member of Associated Food Stores (AFS).”

AFS is a retail cooperative in the Western United States.

“I think I became interested [in medicine] as a young child, just having normal well child checkups with my family doctor,” he said. After some dermatology appointments, Swensen thought he wanted to study dermatology. “Also, I watched a lot of the TV series ‘ER’ growing up, and I eventually gravitated toward family medicine and ER medicine in my career.”

As an osteopathic doctor, Swensen focuses on establishing healthy habits and treatment plans for patients.

“My areas of expertise in family medicine are working with people to develop an attainable exercise plan, and helping them control their diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension,” he said, stating that cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States.

When not with patients, Swensen enjoys playing tennis with his children. “I’m not very good at it, but it is a lifetime sport and keeps me active,” he said. “I do like to ski with my children and have taught all of them how to ski.”

Swensen also likes to jog, listen to audiobooks and take the kids on hiking trips.

At South Lincoln, Swensen said, “I hope to be able to help people realize that exercise is medicine. People need to have an exercise plan that is attainable during their life and keep doing that.”

In the meantime, Swensen will be doing part-time clinic days in Kemmerer. He will have two clinic days each week beginning in July. He will be able to treat a diverse body of patients, as he can read, write and speak fluent Spanish.

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