Students challenged to read 3,400 books by end of the year

A large map of America hangs at Canyon Elementary. Students there have been challenged to read 3,400 books by the end of the year. Each book represents a mile, and the car on the map, which began in Washington, will reach Maine once students meet their goal. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Canyon Elementary School (CES) is starting a new reading challenge for the whole school. It is called “Send Mr. Meyer across America with the Power of Reading!”

Officials are asking the school classes to read 3,400 books by the end of the year, and the challenge began March 3.

CES started with a reading celebration with 19 stations set up around the school for every student to visit with their classes. Each station was a different genre, and those books were the first counted.

Every book read is a mile Principal Brad Meyer is going to move across a giant map. When Meyer goes from Washington State to Maine on the map, students will have read 3,400 books.

This sounds like a lot but really it is only 10-12 books a student and includes the books read in class.

CES has read 1,694 books and have 1,706 left to go. When they have reached their goal, the students will have a chance to dunk the staff.

If a student reads a book, his or her teacher marks it down. If they have read 10 books by the end of the year, they will get a ticket. Whoever has a ticket will have a chance to dunk one of the staff members, including Meyer, in a dunking booth.

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