Stock & Saddle names royalty

Cokeville Stock & Saddle Club’s queen and princesses: (from left to right) Kendra Huntington, Hailey Mackey, Emri Jenkins (queen), Irie Uasike, Quincee Call, Peyton Gilmore // by Jan Moody, Gazette Reporter

The Cokeville Stock & Saddle Club held its Queen and Princess Contest on Saturday, June 27. There were two contestants for queen and four contestants for princess. The ladies put all their practice and hard work to the test. The morning began at the Cokeville City Park where each contestant introduced herself, modeled and answered an impromptu question. Then everyone headed for the arena for an interview and horsemanship. This included bridling and mounting their horse, performing a pattern, carrying a flag around the arena and finally a queen’s wave around the arena. Each contestant did an amazing job. 

Winners were as follows: 2020 CSSC Queen - Emri Jenkins, Afton; 1st Attendant – Hailey Mackey, Cokeville; 2020 CSSC Princess - Quincee Call, Randolph; 1st Attendant - Kendra Huntington, Bridger Valley; 2nd Attendant – Irie Uasike, Cokeville; 3rd Attendant - Peyton Gilmore, Cokeville. The CSSC was grateful for the participation of all these special young ladies. Thanks to those who joined the Cokeville contestants and helped to inspire them to do their best. Thanks to chairman Kiana Gilmore, Jill Dayton for decorating the park, Keith Nate for preparing the arena, the rodeo club and all the volunteers, The town of Cokeville and the Gold Buckle Grill for their sponsorship, judges, parents, family and contestants.