South Lincoln Medical Center’s new physical therapists

From left to right: Samantha Mancino, Trent Sobieck and Lexie Edstrom pose for a photo in the physical therapy office. // By Mysti Willmon

The South Lincoln Medical Center has hired many new doctors this year. Get to know your new physical therapy team.

Samantha Mancino

Mancino is an orthopedic certified specialist in ortho sports and has been working in the field for eight years. Mancino says she started college as an engineering major but didn’t like it as much as she thought. She had knee surgery years before and thought that might be the career for her. She was born and raised in Florida but said she likes the quaintness of Kemmerer. She and her husband also enjoy all of the outdoor activities available in the area.

Lexie Edstrom

Edstrom is an occupational therapist. She said that occupational therapy focuses on helping people have fun and be comfortable in any environment and daily living through physical, psychological and cognitive means. Edstrom is a recent graduate from the University of Nebraska and said that Kemmerer offered her a great opportunity out of college. Mancino likes occupational therapy because of the focus on family and meaningfulness as well as the daily environment.

Trent Sobieck

Sobieck is a physical therapist and the director of rehab at the hospital. He says he loves the time he is able to spend with patients in this field. Sobieck says the reason he got into physical therapy was because he was fascinated by the human body’s capacity for healing itself. Sobieck moved here with his wife from Colorado Springs. They both love the mountains and the outdoors that surround Kemmerer.


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