South Lincoln County Economic Development Corporation (SLCEDC) announces a new committee name

The SLCEDC has announced a name change for their subcommittee tasked with directing and working with Economic Development Liaison Stephen P. Allen.

The SLCEDC’s purpose is to promote the economic development efforts of south Lincoln County and surrounding areas including Cokeville, Opal, LaBarge, Diamondville, and Kemmerer. In order to more accurately reflect the area represented by the SLCEDC, the subcommittee known as the Kemmerer-Diamondville Development Committee (KADC) will now be known as the Fossil Basin Economic Development Committee (FBEDC). The subcommittee will continue its duties to direct and work with liaison Allen to promote all areas of economic development in and around South Lincoln County.

The SLCEDC/FBEDC recognizes the importance of existing businesses to be an important part of any economic development.  With this in mind the FBEDC is currently developing more efficient methods of communication with all the communities and local businesses. The committee will be sending out a letter through the chambers of commerce, email, and U.S. Postal Service to all businesses in order to develop an interested-business list. The SLCEDC/FBEDC will be requesting, in the letter, the following information:  business name, address, phone, email, point of contact (POC) Person, Preferred Communication Method, Type of Business/Service Provided and Areas of Economic development information important to your business. This is to ensure all are informed on current and future economic development projects like those of TriSite, TerraPower, Exxon-Mobile, Glenrock/Kanada, Rain Fire, etc.

The goal is for the SLCEDC/FBEDC to develop open lines of communications with existing businesses in order to support growth across all of south Lincoln County. Based on each local business’ interest, it is the intent of the committee to communicate with each as information becomes available for release. The committee requests businesses that have additional questions to contact the liaison, Stephen P. Allen, at [email protected] or 307.800.2142.