Skin tells a story

From fifth grade to graduation, Heather Allred grew up in Guatemala. She also went on a mission to Uruguay.

“I have a lot of different experiences compared to others,” Allred said.

Allred is a new dermatology physician’s assistant at the South Lincoln Medical Center.

“People think skin is just the surface,” Allred said. “Skin is the largest organ, and it tells a story. It can tell us what’s going on inside. It can diagnose a lot.” Allred said, for example, a parent could bring in a kid who fell and has a scratch on their leg, but it could actually be a broken or fractured leg.

Allred came to Kemmerer because she wanted to work with Cory Maughan, the new dermatologist at the medical center. Plus, the area gives her lots of opportunities to go outside. Allred’s favorite activities are rock climbing, camping and skiing. Allred also competes in iron man competitions and triathlons.

Allred said she believes the most important issue facing medical care right now is giving the patient the care they need that insurance will cover.

“I hope I portray that I care and listen as well as educate the patient on what’s going on,” Allred said. “I do truly care about my patients and their health.



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