School board updated on pool renovations

At the Lincoln County School District No. 1 school board meeting on Monday, Nov. 5, superintendent Teresa Chaulk updated the board and meeting attendees about the progress of the district’s indoor pool renovations.

Chaulk told the school board that all the tests of the pool shell, foundation, and soil underneath had been sent away for results, and now the district is just waiting on the final results.

The district had been using money from a $3.5 million bond that passed in April 2017 to renovate the indoor pool. The renovation, which was originally supposed to be completed in phases, began in April of 2018.

Unanticipated issues that postponed the updates were discovered in July.

Contractors found voids underneath the pool deck, which caused part of the deck to collapse when work was being done on two drains.

The indoor pool is used for Kemmerer swim teams to practice and host meets, but also for the community members for swim lessons and exercise.

“We’re looking forward to getting those results back so we can create a plan and a clear scope of work that needs to be done,” Chaulk said at the meeting. “Hopefully this gets us back on track.”

The Gazette will continue to update this story as the school district receives test results and creates an updated work plan for the pool renovations.


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