Robert Milton Everts

Robert was born on November 28, 1931, to Marie and Charles Everts in Kemmerer. Bob and his friends were complete rascals. As Kemmerer was a small town, the kids of that age were close knit and remained lifelong friends. Bob joined the Navy in June of 1950, where he was stationed on an aircraft carrier. 
Bob married his first wife, Karla Scow, and together they had three children: Marlene, Zon, and Charles. When Bob got out of the service they moved to Logan, Utah, so Bob could complete his college education. As a junior he was recruited by the Thiokol Company. This was a new aerospace company. Thiokol paid for him to finish his education, get his degree and work for them. He was part of the Mercury space program until the successful launching of the manned spacecraft in 1961. 
Following his aerospace career, Bob became a school teacher. He loved working with kids, especially the teenagers. He always came to work in boots, Levi’s and a cowboy shirt made of a Mickey Mouse print. He was the pied-piper of the students.
In 1978, Bob married Carolyn Stinson. Bob was a kind and loving husband who gave Carolyn a wonderful life. They enjoyed the everyday work of building a home for themselves as well as traveling, dancing, attending concerts, camping, hiking and loving their schnauzer, Joey. After Bob’s retirement they moved to Pinedale, Wyoming. Bob’s greatest love was fishing and he loved that area. He always gave all of the older women in Pinedale fresh fish. Bob loved Wyoming all of his life. Bob’s son, Zon, who had been suffering with cancer, passed away the same day as Bob.  They are fishing together now for eternity.
Bob will be interred at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. His wife Carolyn continues to reside in their home in Vancouver, Washington.   
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