Roany Proffit, a legacy of Wyoming wrestling

Not many people can say they have been on the wrestling mat since they were a toddler, But Roany Proffit can. Now an eighth grader in Kemmerer, Roany was playing on the side of the wrestling mat before he was potty-trained, according to his father, Clint Proffit.

“All of my kids have been near the mat,” Clint said. “I help coach and I coached [Roany’s] older siblings so he’s been around it his whole life.”

Clint said that wrestling runs in their family.

“Once Roany asked why we wrestle and I told him it was because his grandpa chose it for us,” Clint said. “It’s what we do as a family.” Clint said Roany’s grandfather was part of the first wrestling program in Evanston.

Roany wrestles for the Diamondville Dominators, a wrestling club in Kemmerer that travels to tournaments around the area. Along the way, Roany has been racking up more top finishes.

“Roany has worked really hard to get where he is at,” Clint said.

Roany said he feels great that his hard work is paying off in wins.

“I go out and represent the team and help the team succeed, but I also show how hard I worked as well,” Roany said.

Roany said, to him, wrestling is a sport where one can push themselves through practice to improve. He said if someone tries hard enough, with enough practice their skills can become better.

“You can work as hard as you want in wrestling,” Clint Proffit said. “If you put the time in and are willing to be committed to it, you can be outstanding in wrestling.”

Roany said wrestling also helps with lessons in the everyday world as well.

“It helps you learn to get back up and try again,” Roany said.

Next year, Roany will be competing for the Rangers at Kemmerer Junior Senior High School.

“I am really excited and ready to wrestle,” Roany said. “I am ready to have that competition.”



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