Rangers golf team competes in two-day event

This past Thursday, Aug. 20, and Friday, Aug. 21, the Ranger boys golf team played the Valley View Golf Course in Star Valley. Eighty boys and girls from western Wyoming made the trip to a very smoky and hot event. Eight teams participated. The new COVID-19 rules for golf in Wyoming allows teams to play only one day meets, but the same teams can participate in multiple meets.

The boys’ event was won by Jackson with scores of 315 and 315 for a total of 630 during those two days. Next was Evanston with scores of 324 and 339 for a total of 663. Third was the host Star Valley with scores of 326 and 346 for a total of 672. The Rangers finished in fourth with scores of 349 and 350 for a total score of 699. Fifth was Star Valley Gold junior varsity with scores of 371 and 381 for a total of 752. Sixth was Green River with scores of 381 and 384 for a total of 765. Rounding out the team event was Lyman with scores of 396 and 400 for a total of 796.

The Ranger boys were led by Blake Wood with score of 79 and 83 for a total of 162. The Rangers newcomer Wade Hendrickson took second with scores of 89 and 88 for a total of 177. Sophomore Tate Pollard put in two good rounds with scores of 87 and 91 for a total of 178. Freshman Carter Wood finished with scores of 93 and 89 for a total of 182. Rounding out varsity was Nolin Antilla with scores of 99 and 95 for a total of 194.

Three boys played in the junior varsity portion of the meet. Eric Wiswell was the leader with scores of 112 and 122 for a total of 234. Chris Kominsky had scores of 120 and 117 for a total of 237. Rounding out the team was Conner Dietrich with scores of 125 and 121 for a total of 246.

“This was a very good outing for the boys — playing away from home against 3A and 4A teams. Most of the boys came back the second day to play better, which is a team goal for a two-day event,” coach Zem Hopkins said. “Carter Wood saw a big improvement from last week. As a young freshman, he is just learning tournament golf and will get better each week. All the boys played well and we are encouraged by our showing.”

This week the Rangers will go to Rock Springs on Thursday, Aug. 27, for a one-day meet at the White Mountain course. This course is considered one of the best in Wyoming.


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