Officers recognized for life-saving efforts

Two local officers were recognized at a recent Kemmerer City Council meeting — each for saving a life.

Letters that Kemmerer Police Chief Mike Kahre sent to the council detail both of the heroic events that led to the recognition.

Officer Joshua Hagler heard a call come over the radio on Dec. 17, 2020, that an elderly woman was found unresponsive in Diamondville.

“Officer Hagler responded to the residence and checked the patient’s vitals,” one letter states. “She did not have a pulse so [Hagler] instantly began CPR. His quick thinking and CPR training brought her color back as well as her pulse. He continued CPR for 20 minutes until EMS arrived and other officers arrived.”

Madison Stewart was the dispatcher that night. The call came from Diamondville in the late hours when Diamondville officers do not patrol. Policy is for the dispatcher to call the Diamondville Police Department and ask if it’s OK to dispatch Kemmerer personnel to the call. Based on the information that Stewart had from the call, she knew the individual in distress did not have the time for her to call Diamondville first.

On April 15, Officer Kale McGee was off duty while traveling toward Rock Springs on Hwy 30 when he came across slowing traffic headed east. He looked to his right and saw a vehicle “several hundred feet off the roadway” that he could see had rolled several times.

“Officer McGee pulled his truck off the roadway and made his way toward the crashed vehicle. He observed a few other individuals near the crash site and asked one of them to sit with his young child who was still in the officer’s pickup,” the letter states.

Once McGee made it to the crashed vehicle, no one was inside. So he looked around and found a man “wrapped up in a fence, unresponsive and turning purple.”

“Officer McGee was able to untangle this male from the fence and began CPR,” one letter states. “The male began to slowly breathe, and a faint pulse returned, as well as his color. A short time later, his pulse stopped and CPR was reinitiated until EMS showed up and took over the scene and the patient was transported to the hospital for additional care.”

Kahre said in both letters that the officers’ efforts save the victims’ lives.


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