Need Thanksgiving activities?

Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday! I suspect it is the food, but it is also the sentiment and tradition instilled by family. Go back in history 399 years to what Americans consider our first organized feast of Thanksgiving, and you find the participants being thankful for a good harvest. Growing up, Thanksgiving somewhat resembled a festival with family and friends gathering to share food, conversation and play — thankful for each other and the country in which we live.

Now comes the year 2020 when we are dealing with a global pandemic. How do we honor and celebrate Thanksgiving? During this time of physical distancing and face coverings we are probably going to share our gratitude a little differently. Maybe just with members of the family that live in the same house, or very close family/friends that make up the hub of daily lives.

Football is a mainstay activity on Thanksgiving for so many families, but there are also those families that play games. The Lincoln County Library System can help you find great ideas for games. For instance, check out “Unlock Your Imagination: More Than 250 Boredom Busters,” a book that provides instructions for games, crafts, and puzzles. Or “Boredom Blasters: Brain Bogglers, Awesome Activities, Cool Comics, Tasty treats, and More” by Helaine Becker. Find the perfect game, magic trick or optical illusion that will keep the family entertained for hours.

As the day continues everyone needs a great book to read. While at your local library grab a few books that you have been wanting to read. On the new book shelf you might find “The Answer Is ... : Reflections on My Life” by the late Alex Trebek or Tom Clancy’s newest Op-Center “God of War.” Or borrow a DVD like the new “Spies In Disguise,” a recently released animated video by 20th Century Fox.

There are plenty of ways to be thankful in 2020. Let the Lincoln County Library System help. Several of us here plan on enjoying a great ebook, eaudiobook or streaming video by going to OverDrive at Join us as we show our gratitude and thankfulness for being able to borrow wonderful materials for free.



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