Memories at the public library

At the library, many patrons share their favorite memories of using a library. A public library holds a special place in the hearts of the community that it serves. This has prompted me to share my favorite library memory.

  I was always excited for a trip to the library. The front of the library had a statue of a man with a big nose. I often wondered if I could stick my arms up the nose holes and just how far my arms would reach. As the library doors opened, the circulation desk was the first thing you saw when you entered the library. The desk was very tall, I could not see over it. I will confess to being a counter licker as a child. I can remember thinking the library counter tasted better than the post office counter.

The children’s library counter had 4-6 storytelling units. Attached to each unit was a large pair of headphones. I would sit in front of a viewer and a librarian would rewind the film and cassette and play the story for me. Watching the stories on these units was the first thing I would head to do when we arrived at the library.

I remember the children’s library had a stage and a carpeted amphitheater. This is where the library had metal rolling square containers that held wooden blocks. I built many castles with those blocks.

I liked that I did not need to stand on tiptoes to pick books from inside the wooden picture book bins. My mom always let us check out a large number of books and many I checked out over and over again. The library had three to four plastic reading tubes stationed in front of the children’s library windows. I remember sitting inside of them and how they seemed to glow when the sun shined through them. I enjoyed looking at my books in these reading tubes.

When it was time to go, I came out of the tube and my hair would stand on end from the static electricity and I would try to zap my brother while I was still “charged.” Back at the circulation desk, the librarian would take our books, remove the cards, stamp them, and then place the cards back into the books. My bag was so full and heavy, and my heart was happy.

I remember that the library was one of my favorite places to go as a child. I felt safe and had fun there, I learned neat things, and I got to read as many books as I could carry. I wanted a library card so badly for the longest time and practiced writing my name so I could get one. I would not trade those memories for anything. With such fond memories of libraries, it is no wonder that I became a librarian and am working my dream job.



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