Meet the Candidates night in Cokeville

The Cokeville Chamber of Commerce held a “Meet The Candidate” night at Cokeville High School on Wednesday, August 1. Candidates had the opportunity to give a five minute speech, and then the floor was open for questions. Candidates present were: Jerry Greenfield (County Treasurer), Tim Teichert for Mark Gordon (Governor), Shane Johnson (County Sheriff), Hailey Jones for Kurt Meier (State Treasurer), Sarah Dayton for Kristi Racines (State Auditor), Robbie Arndt (Town Council), Spokesperson for Liz Cheney (U.S. House of Representatives), Rose Arndt (Mayor), William Ball (County Coroner), Nolan Rap for John Barrasso (U.S. Senate), April Brunski (County Clerk), Debbie Larson (County Assessor), Lance Oviatt (County Clerk), Dain Schwab (County Coroner), Jerry Harmon (County Commissioner), Robert King (County
Commissioner), Kenneth Roberts (Clerk of the District Court), Parker Jackson for Foster Friess (Governor), Kathy Davidson for Harriet Hageman
(Governor)  (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)