Local youth trek on

A pioneer reenactor overlooks a lush valley during a recent trek attended by Cokeville youth and leaders. (GAZETTE PHOTO/Jan Moody)

The Montpelier Idaho South Stake held a one-day trek on Tuesday, June 15, from Pegram to Dingle. It was the hottest day of the year so far but the youth along with their ma and pa were real troopers. The trek began with a delicious breakfast provided by the Pegram Branch and a pioneer message by Bishop Probst.

Each youth was assigned to a family and each family was assigned to a handcart. It was pretty nice in the beginning. It was still cool and energy was high. There were some pretty good hills and everyone was ready for a break at lunch where they were served sub sandwiches followed by games and sharing of pioneer stories. The heat was pretty intense at this point and the group moved forward. Each one appreciated a spray in the face with cool water periodically to cool them off.

Prior to the women’s pull, Renae and Tim Teichert shared a message on the significance of the women’s pull and drawing on spiritual strength to get you through the challenges of life. The women’s pull was hard and intense, but everyone felt a great sense of accomplishment when it was over.

The trek continued to the Robison ranch where the shade of a tree was surely appreciated, along with otter pops to cool off. A Dutch oven dinner awaited at a Dingle park along with water games. It was a great trek. Thanks to the many hands that worked together to make it a success. Special thanks to the Robisons of Dingle, who were the trail bosses.


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