Local 4-H kids prepare for the County Fair

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Kabrie Witbeck gives one of her pigs a belly rub as she gets ready for the Lincoln County Fair. This is Kabrie’s second year showing pigs with 4-H at the fair. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

It is Maylon Chewning’s first year showing pigs at the Lincoln County Fair. He carefully opens the stall door of the community barn in Kemmerer to show off his pigs, Oink and Nelson. 

“These animals can be kind of intimidating, especially when you’re the rookie in 4-H,” Jesi Chewning, Maylon’s mom, says.

It’s no wonder. Many of the kids’ pigs weigh at least 250 pounds.  The 4-H kids all gathered at the Community Barn in Kemmerer on Thursday, August 3, to meet with a veterinarian and give the animals a clean bill of health before they made the trip to Afton for the fair.

It’s sweaty, smelly, hard work taking care of livestock, but these youngsters — and their patient parents — do it all year to prepare to show their animals at the County Fair in Afton. They strap on their boots and make sure these animals are healthy and happy. 

Rebecca Ashliman is a veteran 4-H participant. She has been showing goats for seven years.

Her sister Cindy Ashliman has showed goats for five years. This year the Ashlimans have goats with creative names like Oddball, Cinnamon, Oreo and Jasmine. The girls talk about each goat’s personality as they point out who’s who. Grace Tharp, who is preparing for her second time showing goats at the county fair, joins in.

Braxton Lynnpop has been bringing animals to the fair for three years. He shows pigs and rabbits. 

“It’s a lot of work, but I love my animals, and it’s fun,” Lynnpop said.

Kabrie Witbeck has been showing pigs for two years with 4-H, and her brother Kaden has been doing it for four years. The Kemmerer kids began bringing their animals to the fairgrounds on Monday, August 7.

The 4-H rabbit show is on Tuesday morning. The swine shows take place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The market goat show is on Friday morning.

The results of the livestock judging, which takes place all week, are presented on Friday afternoon. The livestock sale, which is the big event for these kids and their animals, is on the morning of Saturday, August 12.

Maylon Chewning shows off his pig. This is Maylon's first year showing pigs at the Lincoln County Fair. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

Grace Tharp shows her goat that she's taking to the county fair. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

Rebecca Ashliman prepares her goats for the Lincoln County Fair. Rebecca has been showing goats for seven years. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

Braxton Lynnpop gets his pigs ready for the fair while he's at the 4-H community barn in Kemmerer. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

Cindi Ashliman prepares her goats for the county fair. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

Kaden Witbeck shows off his pigs. Kaden has been showing pigs for four years. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

Jasmine, Cinnamon and Oreo are three of the goats the Kemmerer 4-H kids are taking to the county fair this year. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis)

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