Local 10-year-old girl makes great fossil find

Kemmerer resident Macie Orcutt proudly displays her recent fossil find. Orcutt may only be 10 years old but she is a true paleontologist at heart. While on a casual hike with her family in the hills behind her home, Orcutt stumbled upon this exquisite fossil. “I thought it was a piece of wood at first,” she said. “Then I realized it was a stone covered in oyster fossils.” Orcutt has been picking up rocks and collecting them since she was a toddler. Always fascinated by what she can find, she said she has always aspired to become a paleontologist. A closeup of the fossil shows the pearly interior of an ancient oyster still evident in the fossil’s exterior. (GAZETTE PHOTOS/Michelle Tibbietts)

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