Lions Club 36th Annual fishing derby success

Lake Viva Naughton was speckled with color as hundreds of ice fishing tents made their home over the weekend during the Lions Club 36th annual Ice fishing Derby. Monies raised go to fund several projects that provide assistance and life-changing solutions to people in need and community improvements projects. (GAZETTE PHOTO/Michelle Tibbetts)

KEMMERER —  If you drove by Lake Viva Naughton this past weekend you may have noticed lots of activity and hundreds of brightly colored tents scattered on the ice. Close to 400 participants attended the Kemmerer Lions Club’s 36th annual Ice Fishing derby. It’s always fun to see how the lake transforms into a small village booming with new residents. The derby began on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. and it wasn’t long before the fish were biting. The Lions Club members and volunteers set up base camp at the edge of the lake, ready to measure the catches and keep detailed information on all the fish that came in. Every hour there were prizes for the biggest catch and each day had it’s overall winners. 

“I love coming to the Derby and supporting the Lions Club,” said Jennifer Ristau, from Kansas City, Mo. “I don’t even fish! I have so much fun just hanging around and watching everybody catch fish. I love seeing how excited they get when they catch one.” Jennifer’s brother, Mark Ristau, is KLC member. 

“Everyone is so nice in Wyoming. What a great escape from the city!” Jennifer was really hoping to catch a fish with her Barbie fishing pole but maybe next year she added.

“We had a great turnout once again this year,” said Mark Quin. “A little bit off from last year’s 437 attendees, but still good considering the road and weather conditions.” They stocked the lake last weekend with $36K in tagged fish. “Unfortunately, there were no tagged fish caught. Hopefully, next year.” The Lions Club couldn’t have the success it does without the help of all the participants, sponsors, members and others who support the event each year.

The Derby is the biggest fund raiser for the Lions Club. The funds collected help fuel all the projects that the Lions Club completes every year,  from free eye wear, community improvements and even helping provide a service dog for a young local with type 1 diabetes. Currently the Lions Club is working on helping a Kemmerer family recover from expenses after their daughter underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Strikemaster donated the gas ice auger, which is currently on display at Sage Lane Bowling Alley in Kemmerer. You can buy tickets to help support this cause from any Lions Club member. You can learn more about this project and others at  



8:00 AM Hourly Brent Cummings Pleasant View, UT $100 20 5/8”

9:00 AM Hourly Kyle Shupe South Weber, UT $100 20 7/8”

10:00 AM Hourly Dean Dayton South Weber, UT $100 22 1/4”

11:00 AM Hourly Ciera Broberg Riverton, UT $100 21”

12:00 PM Hourly Colin Weeks Big Piney, WY $100 21 1/4”

1:00 PM Hourly Wally Hale Mountain View, WY $100 21 3/4”

2:00 PM Hourly Brennon Netz Morgan, UT $100 21 1/4”

3:00 PM Hourly Ward Sawley Syracuse, UT $100 21 1/2”

4:00 PM Hourly Tommy Martinez Ogden, UT $100 21 1/4”

Daily-Sat 1st Place Wally Hale Mountain View, WY $300 21 3/4"

Daily-Sat-Tie 2nd Place Ruben Reyes Green River, WY $100 21 1/2"

Daily-Sat-Tie 2nd Place Ward Sawley Syracuse, UT $100 21 1/2"



8:00 AM Hourly Sean Pierson Afton, WY $100 21”

9:00 AM Hourly Jayson Hale Mountain View, WY $100 21 1/2”

10:00 AM Hourly Corey Dee Layton, UT $100 21 5/8”

11:00 AM Hourly Scott Dee Layton, UT $100 21 1/8”

12:00 PM Hourly Demrie Chadwick Harrisville, UT $100 20 1/4”

1:00 PM Hourly-Tie Brody Roberts Roy, UT $50 19 1/2”

1:00 PM Hourly-Tie Jeff Liptak Green River, WY $50 19 1/2”

2:00 PM Hourly Bradey Smith Malad, ID $100 19 1/2”

3:00 PM Hourly Amanda Jackson Kemmerer, WY $100 20 1/4”

4:00 PM Hourly Zack Kilpack Kemmerer, WY $100 19 1/4”

Daily-Sun 1st Place Corey Dee Layton, UT $300 21 5/8”

Daily-Sun 2nd Place Jayson Hale Mountain View, WY $200 21 1/2”


Tournament Overall Dean Dayton South Weber, UT $1,000 22 1/4”

Women’s Overall Melanie Gourdin Coalville, UT $150 21 1/4”

Youth 1st Overall Demrie Chadwick UT $150 20 1/4”

Youth 2nd Overall Olivia Gruber UT $60 20 1/8”

Youth 3rd Overall Isaac Jackson UT $40 19 3/4”


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