Lincoln County by the numbers

The Wyoming State Economic Analysis Division has released the 2018 edition of its Wyoming County profiles. The results are a statistician’s dream.

Statistics in the updated publication measure the demographic, social, economic and housing conditions of all 23 counties and Wyoming as a state. 

“The County Profiles provide essential information about Wyoming and individual county people, housing, and economy in a single place,” said Dr. Wenlin Liu, Chief Economist with the Economic Analysis Division. “Timely and accurate data are imperative for government, businesses, and communities to make the most informed decisions possible in areas such as strategic planning, economic development, and grant application.”

The publication used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Wyoming Departments of Workforce Services, Revenue, Education, Transportation and Health. 


In the report, Lincoln County’s total population is listed as 19,265. Of that population, 50.9 percent (9.811) is male and 49.1 percent (9,454) is female. The total population of the state of Wyoming is 579,315.

Twenty-seven percent of Lincoln County’s population is age 45 to 64 and 26.9 percent of the population is under 18 years old.

The report also measures race and ethnicity of Lincoln County’s population. The report identified 96.6 percent of Lincoln County’s population as white alone, 0.5 percent as Black or African American alone, 1.0 percent as American Indian alone, 0.5 percent as Asian Alone and 1.4 percent as two or more races. The Hispanic population (may be of any race) constitutes 4.7 percent of Lincoln County’s population.

Most of Lincoln County’s population was born in the United States (97.8 percent). Forty percent of those born in the U.S. were born in Wyoming, and 60 percent were born in a different state.

There were 260 births in Lincoln County in 2018 and 134 deaths.


The report also published statistics about the educational attainment levels in each Wyoming category for residents over the age of 25 (there are 12,453).

The largest educational attainment level in Lincoln County was high school graduates, which are 31.3 percent (3,897 residents) of the county. The second highest educational category in Lincoln County was some college, no degree, which added up to 30.3 percent (3,779) of county residents.

Among Lincoln County residents over 25, 14.7 percent have a bachelor’s degree, 10.8 percent have an associate’s degree, 5.8 percent have a graduate or professional degree, 5.8 percent attended some 9th to 12th grade but didn’t receive a diploma, and 1.2 percent have less than a 9th grade education.

Lincoln County has two school districts with 13 schools and 3,496 students enrolled in the fall of 2018. The county has a graduation rate of 89.2 percent, which is higher than Wyoming’s average graduation rate of 81.7 percent.


There are 7,063 total households in Lincoln County. The average individual annual wage was $45,474. The average household income for the county was $78,377. The median household income was $63,756.

The median earnings for male full-time year-round workers was $58,792. The median earnings for female full-time year-round workers was $35,556.

In Lincoln County, the average annual wage in the mining industry was $100,419, compared with $24,521 for the retail trade industry and $14,053 for the leisure and hospitality industry.

For Wyoming as a whole, the average annual wage per job was $87,722 in Wyoming’s mining industry, compared with $28,403 for the retail trade industry and $19,867 for the leisure & hospitality industry.

The total annual wages of employees in mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction was $61,733,133, which was 21.8 percent of the total wages in the county.

There are 310 families in Lincoln County whose income is below the poverty level.

The unemployment rate in Lincoln County was 3.7 percent in 2018.

Out of the labor force of 8,727 people in the county, 1,812 are employed by the federal, state or local government.

There are 2,082 Lincoln County residents that commute out of the county for work. The majority of that number commute to Teton County, Wyo. (1,387 or 66.6 percent of out-of-county commuters).

There are 733 Lincoln County employees that commute in from other counties; the majority of that number are from Uinta County (172, 23.5 percent).


There are 4,076.1 total square miles in the county. The U.S. government owns 3,053.6 square miles (74.9 percent) of that land.

There are 608 farms in Lincoln County that measure 344,000 acres.

Mineral value in the county is assessed at $227,656,843 and non-mineral value (agricultural land, residential property, commercial property and industrial property) is assessed at $479,525,142.

More statistics for Lincoln County and the other 22 Wyoming counties can be found on the state’s Economic Analysis Division website.