Letter to the Editor: We should join together to pray for the coal mine

Kemmerer is our home. It is my home. We are so incredibly blessed here. The troubles with our coal mine and its future weigh heavily on our minds.

I have a simple proposal, or maybe better put, a gentle plea. Could all of us use the month of December to unify in prayer for our coal mine? Whether personal, family, or public; our communal prayers will be heard by our Father. Old or young, we can unite, humbly asking for His watchful care. He is there. He can move in the hearts and minds of all parties involved. He can affect a solution. With Him all things are possible. 

I’m not suggesting that many of us aren’t doing this already, but maybe more of us could, possibly many more. Our genuine faith and persistent prayers can be powerful forces.

I’m not trying to offend anyone. If it has been a while since we’ve offered a prayer, what a great time to renew and what an important cause to embrace.

Our coal mine is not the only economic force in our town, but it is a big one. We need it. May God help us to keep it!

Karl Robinson

Kemmerer, WY