Langley new mayor of Diamondville

GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis

Diamondville town clerk Markus Ramsperger swears in new council member Eric Backman, re-elected council members Kathy Stuekel and Clint Bowen, and new mayor Mark Langley at the meeting on Monday, Jan. 7.

Both new and familiar faces were on the Diamondville council at the year’s first meeting on Monday, Jan 7. Eric Backman finished his tenure as Diamondville mayor, and Mark Langley was sworn in as the new mayor.

“I’ve really enjoyed the last eight years as your mayor,” Backman said. He thanked all the council members and town employees he had worked with during his tenure as mayor. “The town should be proud of all its employees and appointees. I know I’m leaving it in good hands.”

New Diamondville mayor Mark Langley thanked the council for the warm welcome and encouraged the public to keep bringing their concerns before the council.

“I’ll do my best to make the best judgments for the town,” Langley said. “We can work through any problem if we work together.”

Backman was sworn in as the newest council member, and Clint Bowen and Kathleen Stukel were sworn in as re-elected council members. Also on the Diamondville council is Chuck Smith.  Another item of business was officialy appointing a chief of police. Jeff Kolata has been serving as the interim Diamondville Chief of Police since former chief Mike Thompson resigned in August of 2018. The council chose to end the interim period and appoint Kolata as chief.

Outgoing Diamondville mayor Eric Backman is sworn is as the newest town council member, and Mark Langley is sworn in as the new Diamondville mayor.