Kemmerer saddles up for donkey basketball

GAZETTE PHOTOS / Theresa Davis

Local students and community members play donkey basketball on Thursday, March 21, in the high school auxiliary gym.

On Thursday, March 21, community members packed the auxiliary gym at Kemmerer Junior Senior High School to witness the controlled chaos that accompanies any sporting event.

But this time the Rangers weren’t the stars of the show — that honor went to the donkeys bounding up and down the court with players on their backs.

The participants soon discovered the difficulty of running a fast break while riding donkeys who had their own ideas about which direction to run.

That didn’t stop contestants from entertaining the crowd with some impressive baskets as part of the school fundraiser.

Students, teachers, coaches and community members joined in the fun. Even Officer Josh Albins with the Kemmerer Police Department (pictured at right) played the donkey basketball game while in uniform.

Families flooded the court at “halftime” and after the contest concluded to take pictures with the donkeys, who seemed to enjoy the attention and the friendly competition almost as much as their riders.

Karami Villarreal laughs as her donkey veers off course at the basketball game on March 21.

Do you know how fast you were going? Kemmerer police officer Josh Albins trades in his patrol car for a new ride at the donkey basketball game fundraiser on March 21.