Kemmerer robotics wins state in Evanston


A Kemmerer Robotics team formed an alliance with an Evanston team last weekend to win the Wyoming State Robotics Championship. Pictured: Evanston Team 6822B members Destiny Buhmann, Mason Jacketta and Carson Gebsin, and Kemmerer Team 10007A members Trenton Skidmore, Collin Smith and Tucker Erickson.

Months of hard work paid off for the Kemmerer Robotics team when they formed an alliance and won the Wyoming State Championship held in Evanston on Saturday, Feb. 23.

For the first time in Kemmerer Robotics history, one of our teams went undefeated in the qualifying rounds to earn first seed in the alliance selection for the tournament championship. The top seeded team, 10007A, comprised of Tucker Erickson, Trenton Skidmore and Collin Smith, selected Evanston team 6822B to be their alliance partner in the championship tournament. Together the team went on to become the Wyoming State Robotics Championship Alliance.

Kemmerer Team 10007B, comprised of Matthew Garver, Jonathan Platt and Darren Smith, were seeded 5th and were selected by Evanston Team 6822A for the championship tournament. Their alliance made it to the semi-finals, where they lost by only a few points to an Evanston and Gillette alliance. Sammi Butler and Shelby Swann were unable to attend the tournament. With some last minute help from Maisey McRoberts, their robot was ready and Brandon Zobell stepped up to drive the robot, with Tucker Erickson spotting during matches. Brandon started strong in the qualifying rounds but couldn’t maintain the momentum, resulting in an early loss in the championship rounds.

This is the second time Kemmerer has won the Robotics State Championship; the first time was in 2015. During the intervening years, Kemmerer has placed second. Team 10007A also won the Judges Award, which equates roughly to third place for their engineering design process.

A tournament sweep of the top trophies at a VEX Robotics Competition

consists of an Excellence Award, Skills Champion and Tournament Champion. Our team goal is to sweep the trophies in the 2019-2020 season. 

If you will be a student in 8th through 12th grade next year and would like to help our  team win its first clean sweep, talk to a robotics team member and come to a practice.

To be on the team you should be interested in one or more of the following: C++ programming, driving (excellent skills in 3rd person video games like car racing are helpful),  mechanical engineering, design, mechanics, documenting the engineering process in a journal or pencil sketching.