Kemmerer Police Reports July 20-26, 2020

Editor’s note: Information contained in this report is compiled from a daily activities log and arrest record maintained by the Kemmerer Police Department.

Monday July 20

08:54 a.m.-call about fraud from the Kemmerer Post Office.

09:31 a.m.-a code violation for weeds on Carbon Street.

09:44 a.m.-call about a juvenile problem on Dell Rio Drive.

10:47 a.m.-VIN inspection on Highway 233.

11:31 a.m.-call for a civil standby on Sorenson Drive.

11:56 a.m.-call about drugs at Kemmerer Apartments. Unfounded.

Tuesday July 21

11:03 a.m.-call about suspicious activity at the Kemmerer Apartments.

10:28 p.m.-call from Rock Springs about a theft.

10:37 p.m.-call about a parking problem on Lincoln Heights Drive.

10:41 p.m.-call about a prolonged parking problem on Lincoln Heights Drive.

Wednesday July 22

05:24 a.m.-security checks at the Kemmerer Airport.

06:34 a.m.-various business security checks in the Kemmerer area.

07:46 a.m.-call about an abandoned vehicle in Ridley’s Market parking lot. Owner contacted, vehi-cle was not abandoned.

10:45 a.m.-call about a vicious dog on Pine Avenue. Owner warned.

11:22 a.m.-ordinance violation for weeds on Agate Street.

12:02 p.m.-call about a suspicious male at Family Dollar. Spoke to person.

02:04 p.m.-various business security checks in the Kemmerer area.

04:02 p.m.-call about a person trespassing on private property on Coulson Avenue.

04:43 p.m.-call about someone threatening a person on Highway 189, milepost 38.

Thursday July 23

10:33 a.m.-call about theft of property at the Kemmerer Apartments.

01:47 p.m.-ordinance violations on Lincoln Heights Drive, Antelope Street and Pine Avenue.

02:14 p.m.-VIN inspection at Auto Inn Repair on Aspen Avenue.

Friday July 24

02:14 a.m.-various business security checks around the Triangle Park area.

05:09 p.m.-call about a lost animal near the courthouse.

05:16 p.m.-traffic stop on Fossil Butte near the cemetery for speeding. Citation issued.

07:55 p.m.-a 911-misdial call from Ridley’s Market.

Saturday July 25

01:40 a.m.-various business security checks in the Kemmerer area.

09:24 a.m.-information given at the Kemmerer cemetery on Fossil Butte.

11:01 a.m.-call about an animal problem on 9th West Avenue.

02:57 p.m. to 03:43 p.m.-various ordinance violations served in the Kemmerer area.

10:49 p.m.-traffic stop on Pine Avenue and Klondike Street for lane use. Verbal warning issued.

Sunday July 26

01:53 a.m.-call about an animal problem on Fossil Butte.

02:58 p.m.-call about a water problem on Pearl Street.

03:03 p.m.-traffic stop on Beech Avenue for wrong way on a one-way street. Verbal warning is-sued.

03:20 p.m.-VIN inspection on Beech Avenue.

03:38 p.m.-assisted Lincoln County Sheriff at the Justice Center.

06:22 p.m.-call about a traffic accident with property damage on Cedar Avenue.

11:05 p.m.-assisted a motorist at South Lincoln Medical Center.