Kemmerer Police Reports July 13-19, 2020

Editor’s note: Information contained in this report is compiled from a daily activities log and arrest record maintained by the Kemmerer Police Department.

Monday July 13

06:06 a.m.-call about a traffic crash in Uinta County.

06:55 a.m.-traffic stop on Lincoln Heights Drive. Verbal warning issued.

11:07 a.m.-call from Emerald Street about an animal problem.

03:14 p.m.-assisted another agency at the Justice Center with a transport to court.

06:03 p.m.-violation of a court order on Beech Avenue.

11:46 p.m.-an emergency 911 call from Elk Street.

Tuesday July 14

09:59 a.m.-call from Foothills Trailer Park about a lost animal.

06:06 p.m.-assisted a citizen on Coral Street.

06:28 p.m.-call from Kemmerer Apartments about a civil dispute.

Wednesday July 15

07:56 a.m.-call from Sawaya’s about a parking problem.

10:16 a.m.-call about a citizen complaint on Sapphire Street.

11:47 a.m.-ordinance violation on Pine Avenue.

12:04 p.m.-ordinance violation on 4th West Avenue.

12:11 p.m.-call from Uinta Drive about a utility problem.

12:46 p.m.-VIN inspection on Dell Rio Drive.

01:12 p.m.-various business security checks in the Kemmerer area.

03:03 p.m.-ordinance violation on Beech Avenue.

06:40 p.m.-call from South Lincoln Medical Center about miscellaneous incidents.

09:40 p.m.-assisted Diamondville Police with an accident on Radiant Street.

Thursday July 16

01:37 a.m.-business security checks around the Triangle Park area.

09:37 a.m.-assisted with a medical patient on Coulson Avenue. Patient transferred to the hospital.

01:10 p.m.-various business security checks in the Kemmerer area.

06:12 p.m.-call about a reckless driver on Highway 30, milepost 54.

06:15 p.m.-call from Coulson Avenue about a juvenile problem.

06:18 p.m.-call from Ridley’s Market about theft.

07:49 p.m.-call about a civil issue on Ash Avenue.

08:04 p.m.-a call about domestic violence on Emerald Street.

10:10 p.m.-traffic stop on 3rd West Avenue.

10:13 p.m.-assisted a motorist on Highway 189 Viaduct.

Friday July 17

00:39 a.m.-call about a civil dispute at the Kemmerer Apartments.

02:29 a.m.-various business security checks around the Triangle Park area.

05:31 p.m.-assisted a motorist on Highway 233.

07:25 p.m.-call about a civil dispute on Coulson Avenue.

Saturday July 18

09:58 a.m.-VIN inspection on Elk Street.

10:51 a.m.-assisted a motorist at the Port of Entry on Highway 30.

01:11 p.m.-a REDDI report call about a driver on Highway 30, milepost 19.

04:42 p.m.-a call about suspicious activity at South Lincoln Medical Center.

08:43 p.m.-call for a civil standby on Emerald Street.

10:12 p.m.-a call about fireworks being shot off on 9th West Avenue.

Sunday July 19

01:03 a.m.-traffic stop on Fossil Butte for headlights. Verbal warning issued.

09:54 a.m.-a call about someone with drugs at Kemmerer Apartments.

06:46 p.m.-an abandoned 911 emergency call from the Best Western Motel.

07:36 p.m.-a call from Beech Avenue about fraud.

07:52 p.m.-call about a traffic accident at the Maverik store with property damage.

09:21 p.m.-assisted the Lincoln County Sheriff on Fox Farm County Road.