Kemmerer Police Reports Aug. 3-9

Editor’s note: Information contained in this report is compiled from a daily activities log and arrest record maintained by the Kemmerer Police Department.

Monday August 3

03:32 a.m.-call about suspicious activity on Antelope Street.

10:05 a.m.-VIN inspection on 1st West Avenue.

11:22 a.m.-VIN inspection on Lincoln Heights Drive.

03:52 p.m.-call about suspicious activity on Dell Rio Drive.

04:17 p.m.-call about suspicious activity at the Justice Center.

10:01 p.m.-call about an unlocked door at the Library on Emerald Street.

Tuesday August 4

07:30 a.m.-a 911 emergency misdial call from Sage Avenue.

10:00 a.m.-a 911 emergency misdial call from 7th West Avenue.

10:47 a.m.-VIN inspection at First Bank on Pine Street.

02:14 p.m.-a REDDI report call about a motorist on Highway 30, milepost 38.

05:17 p.m.-call about a suspicious package on Ruby Street.

06:04 p.m.-traffic stop on Highway 30, milepost 54 for speeding. Citation issued.

08:14 p.m.-a 911 emergency misdial call from 3rd West Avenue.

10:28 p.m.-call about a suspicious vehicle on Emerald Street.

Wednesday August 5

07:04 a.m.-call about a noisy animal on Dell Rio Drive.

08:29 a.m.-ordinance violation served on Garnet Street.

08:33 a.m.-ordinance violation served at Summit Storage.

10:55 a.m.-VIN inspection at Kum & Go on Beech Avenue.

01:40 p.m.-traffic stop on Highway 30, milepost 53 for speeding. Verbal warning issued.

07:39 p.m.-a 911 emergency misdial call from Elk Street. Playing on the phone.

10:12 p.m.-call about a missing cat at Kemmerer Apartments. Cat was found and returned to owner.

Thursday August 6

05:27 a.m.-a 911 emergency abandoned call from Sage Avenue.

10:06 a.m.-call about 3 dogs at large at the Fossil Butte Motel. Owner located.

02:04 p.m.-VIN inspection on 1st West Avenue.

03:20 p.m.-VIN inspection on 6th West Avenue.

04:17 p.m.-VIN inspection at the Lincoln County Courthouse.

06:43 p.m.-call about a raccoon that was captured on Park Drive.

10:00 p.m.-call about noise on Dell Rio Drive.

10:18 p.m.-call from Garnet Street about child custody information.

11:00 p.m.-call about a antelope/vehicle accident near Hams Fork Station on Highway 189.

Friday August 7

02:47 p.m.-call from Bank of the West about a juvenile problem.

09:07 p.m.-call about an animal problem on McGovern Avenue.

Saturday August 8

08:00 a.m.-assisted a citizen at South Lincoln Medical Center.

11:00 a.m.-business security checks at Ridley’s Market.

11:38 a.m.-VIN inspection on Ridgemont Place.

11:54 a.m.-call about an animal problem on Pearl Street.

03:33 p.m.-call from Ridley’s Market about a criminal traffic violation. Information unfounded.

05:29 p.m.-traffic stop on Highway 30, milepost 58. Citation issued.

06:55 p.m.-call from Caribou Café about theft.

Sunday August 9

12:59 p.m.-an emergency 911 call from Sage Avenue.

02:33 p.m.-call about an animal problem on Pine Avenue.

07:27 p.m.-call for a civil standby at Kemmerer Apartments.

10:49 p.m.-call about a domestic issue on Sorenson Drive.