Kemmerer native Kendra Asay is Evanston’s new swimming coach

It’s going to be a season of fresh starts and new beginnings for the Evanston High School girls’ swimming and diving team, with a new head coach and plenty of new faces.

The Lady Devils began practicing last week, and for first-year head coach Kendra Asay, it’s been a gratifying start to her coaching career.

“I think the team is looking really good — there are quite a few of them who have been swimming throughout the summer, and even longer,” said EHS head coach Kendra Asay. “They’ve really shown their stuff to me so far. We’ve got people that can do every stroke, so we should have a strong team — we have all areas covered.”

Originally from Kemmerer, Asay moved to Prescott Valley, Arizona, when she was 14. It was there that Asay made her mark as a swimmer, breaking three school records.

“I’ve been around the water my entire life — I grew up at the pool,” she explained. “I swam competitively in middle school and high school, and held three school records in high school. I’ve taught swim lessons for 11 years, and it’s just something that’s in my blood. It’s always been a dream of mine, to be a high school swim coach, so this opportunity is a dream come true.”

“I’m hoping to have at least one girl qualify for state, because I know a lot of them have the goal to qualify early. So if we can get at least one to qualify, that would be excellent.

Asked what she’s enjoyed the most about her first two weeks as a head coach, Asay said the answer is simple.

“Seeing those girls swimming in the water, the feeling of the team becoming a family,” she said. “I think it’s important to have that on a team. So far, that’s my favorite part of being a coach, being in the pool area with these girls that have the same passion that I have.”


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