Kemmerer Main Street seeks historical homes for upcoming presentation

Linda Goetz, Kemmerer Main Street secretary and treasurer, presents about historic resource preservation at the Kemmerer Library in November. The committee is asking for residents with historical homes to submit photos of their home for the March 1 presentation. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis) 

The Kemmerer Main Street Committee will be hosting another presentation about historic preservation, and they are looking for local participants to help bring Kemmerer’s history to life.

“We’ll be discussing more about character-defining features like what was brought up in the last presentation,” said Linda Goetz, who will be giving the presentation. “But we’ll be focusing on the character-defining features of buildings in our town.”

At the last event, Goetz explained character-defining features as the aspects of a home that are specific to certain eras, and are therefore historically significant. These features are usually original to the property. They allow someone to look at the home and know that it was built during a certain period. The character-defining features also offer clues to the history of the area.

The Kemmerer Main Street event will be on Thursday, March 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the Kemmerer Library.

“We already have a few people who are letting us use their houses as examples of character-defining features, but it would be great to have more,” Goetz said.

Goetz said the presentation will focus on features of houses built before 1968.

“You don’t need the exact date of the house,” Goetz said. “Just knowing the decade is fine. And if people send me a picture or give me an address, I can verify that it’s old enough to be considered for the presentation.”

Goetz said she would love to show side-by-side photos of the homes in the past and in modern times.

“That side-by-side is a great comparison to talk about character defining features,” Goetz said.

If you think your house or property could be used for the presentation, email Goetz at [email protected] or call the Gazette.