Kemmerer Dance places at Utah competition, performs 15th recital

Kemmer Dance’s older competition class competed in the Dance Power Productions competition at West Valley High School last weekend and did incredibly. 

The company has been training and rehearsing for seven months in preparation for these competitions. The results are as follows: 

Senior Competition class numbers:

Lorelle McFee’s class won first place with “The Way I Am” 

Brynn Robinson’s class won second place with “Cheap Thrills” 

Lorelle McPhee’s class won first place with “Me and My Girls” 

Solos and duets:

McKenna Witbeck won first place for her solo 

Marin McPhee won first place for her solo

Keelia McPhee won second place for her solo

Kensie McPhee won second place for her solo

Marin McPhee and Natasha Martinez won first place for their duet

The Dance Power Productions competition organizes judging criteria in four categories: appearance, routine, execution and showmanship. Each criterion is allotted a number of points, and a perfect score would total 50 points. 

This year is the first year a Kemmerer Dance competition class has placed first as a group.

Kemmerer Dance Competition classes will compete in the America On Stage’s National Championships at Lagoon on opening day this weekend. 

Recital, Competition Showcase

Kemmerer Dance also performed its annual recital on Saturday, April 22, featuring a competition showcase as well as “The Wizard of Oz.”

This year, Lorelle McPhee and Brynn Robinson organized a production of “The Wizard of Oz.” With fluent choreography and an impressive set, the production bloomed into a prideworthy performance. 

Dancers, starting at age 3, have spent the last six months learning and mastering dances to portray each part of the widely loved story of Dorothy and her travel to the Land of Oz.

Dorothy, portrayed by Keelia McPhee, opened the show with an entire band of adorable preschoolers in blue checkered dresses and even a few farm hands. They presented a delightful scene of life on the farm. 

To honor the best known song from the musical, the younger competition class, Competition A, performed a lyrical number to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  

A peddler, danced by Chloe Messick, glided her way across the stage, sharing the fortune teller’s perspective with the audience.

 “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
performed by second and third grade hip hop dancers, reminded everyone that it was because Toto got out that Dorothy had to run away and was caught in the twister. 

Ballet presented a bold lyrical and dramatic ballet performance to “Skyfall” and “The Twister,” which ended with Dorothy lying in the rubble.

The stage was brightened by the sweet Glinda the Good, danced by Kabrie Witbeck, who delighted the audience with a short, light-hearted ballet number. And then the drama began! 

“Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead,” performed by Competition A, “Munchkin Land,” performed by the kindergarten and first grade class, and the “Wicked Witch of the West,” played by Kensie McPhee, all provided enchanting performances. “Ease on Down the Road,” performed by the older competition class, was an energetic hit.

Next, the introduction of the other main characters entertained all with their talent and poise.

The Scarecrow, played by Marin McPhee, was enchanting with her flexibility, balance and strength. Natasha Martinez as the Tin Man mesmerized the audience with her robotics and jazz. Carlene Sadler danced the part of the Lion and was joined by the ballet class in performing a touching lyrical.

As Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion approach the Emerald City, they played out falling asleep on stage. The preschool age Poppies delighted the audience with a ballet number, showing off their strength and balance. 

Competition B energetically entertained with a dance to “One Short Day in the Emerald City” and quickly shifted into “Uptown Funk” to introduce the Wizard of Oz, danced by Chloe Messick and the fourth grade and up hip hop group. 

After The Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys (fourth grade and up hip hop) dazzled everyone with their moves, the group of travelers threw water on the witch, and she melted all the way off stage. 

Everyone celebrated with a “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead” reprise, and the program closed with a touching performance of Dorothy (Keelia McPhee) returning home to Auntie Em, danced by Lorelle McPhee. 

The program was a delight for all to watch, and the dancers deserve congratulations for their dedication and courage. 

Registration for the 2017-2018 programs will begin later this year.