Kemmerer city council meeting discusses selling properties

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The city of Kemmerer held its city council meeting Nov. 28.  The council approved the resolution on the agenda for Bank of the West to be a depositor for the City of Kemmerer.

The main topic of discussion was the sale of two properties, 809 and 823 S. Main Street. An offer from Rain Fire LLC would see the city sell the properties for $25,000. Another property, 823 Pine Street, also known as the old Kemmerer Hotel property, had an offer from Rain Fire LLC would see the city sell the property for $25,000. The city presented a counteroffer, proposing to sell 809 and 823 S. Main Street for $38,000 and 823 Pine Street for $63,750. Economic development findings showed that selling the properties would improve property tax, improve services provided to the community by the businesses, improve sales tax and increase jobs. The council acknowledged that the economic impact development impact of selling the properties below appraisal price would negatively impact other people’s properties. The council approved the sale of the 809 and 823 S. Main Street for $30,000 and the sale of 823 Pine Street for $30,000.

A tabled item from the last meeting was brought up again. The junior class was to rent the events center for prom but have asked not to be required to pay the $600 deposit needed to rent the event center. The junior class has asked for the return of their deposit. The class is unable to run concession stands to help pay for the deposit due to a school policy of having an adult sponsor with the students while running the concession stand. The concession stand would be held in the summer and the timing conflicts with a teacher being able to supervise the students. Holly Jorgensen from Rain Fire LLC stated the company would cover the deposit cost for the junior class.

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