Kemmerer boys' swim team ready to take on 2018-2019 season


The Kemmerer boys’ swim team is back in the pool, ready to prove they have what it takes to have another successful season. Last season the Rangers earned fourth place at the state meet.

Practices just started for the boys’ team, and head coach Amanda Aimone said she believes that the end-goal of successful performances at state begins now. 

“It is really going to depend on their willingness to have good attitudes and good effort in everything that we do,” Aimone said. “If they do that they can be very successful.”

The Rangers have their first meet in Big Piney on Friday, Dec. 7, then travel to Rawlins on Saturday, Dec. 8.

Aimone said the Rangers currently have one senior on the team in Steven Nelson.

“I expect a lot of leadership to come out of Steven as well as from the junior class that we have,” Aimone said. “They are going to play a huge role in how well we do this season.”

One of those juniors is Benjamin Wergin, who helped the team make waves in both individual and team events last season for the Rangers.

“Wergin has done a great job in the past in creating a really good team atmosphere and from the meetings that we have had so far he looks like he is going to do it again,” Aimone said.

Aimone emphasized the importance of teamwork, especially on a small team that will be swimming against big schools all season.

“These boys usually get along really well and understand that team cohesiveness is really important due to our size,” Aimone said. “We need everyone we can get to do their best to create that.”

Because the indoor pool is still being renovated, the team will do as the girls’ team did before them and travel to Evanston for practice three times a week. Aimone knows she and her team can handle the challenge of not having a home pool.

“To make the most out of any season, but especially this season, it is going to come down to quality of workout and not necessarily the quantity,” Aimone said. “The coaching staff is going to have to create quality workouts for these boys, but the boys are going to have to give quality effort on those workouts to really make them worth something.”