Kemmerer Babe Ruth closes out season with tournament, big win against Riverton

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Kemmerer pitcher Clayton Moyles hits a double in the final game of the All Star Tournament. Moyles pitched a no-hitter in the game against Riverton. GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

Tony Viviano slides into 3rd base during the final game of the tournament in Riverton over the weekend. Kemmerer beat Riverton 13-0. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

The Kemmerer Ranger Babe Ruth baseball team traveled to Riverton over the weekend for a two-day All Star tournament against Green River, Powell and Riverton.

The temperatures were in the high 90s, which created sweltering conditions for the players.

Kemmerer, who barely had enough players to fill the roster, still made for some tough competition against the other combined All-Star teams.

In the first game against Green River, Kemmerer was up by one run in the second inning with a score of 3 to 2.

But Green River scored big in the 3rd inning, bringing in 8 runs to make the score 4 to 10 with Green River on top.

Kemmerer started making a comeback in the 5th inning, when they scored an additional 8 runs, but it wasn’t enough.

Green River was ahead 16 to 14 when the time limit clock ran out and the game ended with a loss for Kemmerer.

The team caught a brief 30-minute rest before the start of the second game of the tournament against the Powell All Star team.

Powell started off with 3 runs in the first inning, and Kemmerer didn’t manage to score until the second inning, bringing in only one run.

Powell was on a roll in the third inning, scoring 13 runs against Kemmerer’s 4 runs, bringing the score at the top of the fifth inning to 17 to 5.

But Kemmerer didn’t give up and brought in 6 more runs in the fourth inning, keeping Powell from scoring and leaving the score 17 to 11 with Powell in the lead.

Kemmerer did score two more runs in the fifth inning, but Powell ran up five more runs, resulting in another loss for Kemmerer, with a final score of 22 to 13.

After a good night’s rest, the team got an early start on Sunday, and the Kemmerer players were pumped up for the next set of games.

With cooler temperatures and overcast skies, the conditions were much more favorable.

Riverton was the number one ranked team at the tournament and Kemmerer needed to win big in order to advance into the finals later that day. Well, they had it together for this one.

Kemmerer came out like a powerhorse, scoring a whopping 10 runs in the first inning against Riverton.

Clayton Moyles pitched a no-hitter and Kemmerer scored three more runs in the fifth inning, leaving the final score 13 to 0.

However, the losses from Saturday earned the Rangers a ranking just one run below Green River, and the Kemmerer team was bumped from the finals.

Coaches, parents and players couldn’t have been more proud to end the season with such a strong win against Riverton.

The Kemmerer Rangers stood strong with their sandlot grit and determination, and ended their season on a high note.

The team is looking forward to the end-of-year banquet and the rest of summer vacation.

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