John Patrick Sheridan

May 20, 1956 - March 14, 2021

John Sheridan passed away on Sunday, March 14, 2021, at the South Lincoln Medical Center in Kemmerer.

His lifetime partner, Shaynene Phelps, was at his side continuously over the last several months during his illness.

John was born in Youngstown, Ohio to John E. and Bernice E. Sheridan.

During high school John discovered welding. He pursued a training program and became a certified welder. He became a master welder working throughout the west on oil and gas pipelines. He was on jobs for months at a time in difficult weather conditions and often away from home. He established an excellent reputation as a welder. In 2020, John had a series of eye problems that left him almost blind and ended his working life.

In his mid-twenties, John married and had three sons; John Charles, Barrett Tyler and Cole Namane. Although the marriage dissolved, and the children moved to Arizona with their mother, John kept in touch with his sons following their lives and shared the excitement of their marriages and the arrival of grandchildren.

In 1997, John and Shaynene Phelps met and forged a life together. They bought a house in Kemmerer and enjoyed the peace and simplicity of rural life. John loved Wyoming and the history of the West. In his free time, he and Shaynene would take vacations for camping and fishing.

John is survived by Shaynene, his three sons and five grandchildren as well as sisters, Gail (Ralph Love) and Janette Sheridan; brothers, Glenn Sheridan and Ryan Sheridan; John’s nephew; and his two step-daughters, Andrea Lye and Dornita Phelps.

A memorial service will be held sometime this summer in celebration of his life.


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