Inside ML Minky: Online business

McKell Littlefield started ML Minky nearly two years ago, but that wasn’t when her passion for sewing started. She learned the business of a seamstress from her grandmother and mother. It was her mom who introduced her to the minky fabric.

“I thought I could utilize it to make my own business,” Littlefield said. “I’ve always wanted to work for myself.” Littlefield sells blankets, nursery sets, seamstress services and more.

Now, almost two years after starting the all-online business, Littlefield said the business has grown a lot, especially since COVID-19. Littlefield said her online base is reaching out more and more. She said she has even filled orders from New Hampshire.

One thing Littlefield has started doing since COVID-19 hit is raffles. She will put something up on Facebook and people buy numbers for around $5 each. If your number is called, you win.

“It’s a way to push more blankets. It also gives a little fun and enjoyment to the community,” Littlefield said. “This is a great community. I try to give back with the raffles, too.” One of the main organizations she likes to donate to is Turning Point. “I like to give when I can,” Littlefield said.

Not only does Littlefield run a successful online business, but she is also a stay-at-home mom of a two-year-old. She has to juggle working on projects for her business and taking care of her son. She said things can get a little crazy at times. Littlefield said that in order to keep everything going she has to have really good time management. She also said the business is rapidly outgrowing the space in her home.

“I would love to open a storefront,” Littlefield said. Anything is possible in the future Littlefield said.


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