Greenfield seeks re-election for County Treasurer

I would like to thank the Lincoln County Commissioners for their support in appointing me as Lincoln County Treasurer back in April 2017. I am proud to serve you, the people of Lincoln County, and have every intention of continuing to service all of Lincoln County. With that being said I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Lincoln County Treasurer in the 2018 election.

I am married to Patricia (Bowen) Greenfield. We have three beautiful daughters: Kristin Crosland, Lindsey McKane, Ashley Tanner, along with their husbands and seven wonderful grandchildren.

I have lived in Kemmerer since 1975 and consider Kemmerer and Lincoln County to be my home and I love it here. County Treasurer’s responsibilities are the collection and distribution of all types of taxes as prescribed by state statutes. Being the tax collector isn’t the most popular job but I do enjoy working with the people of Lincoln County. I just want everyone to remember these taxes I collect, for the most part, go to educate our children and grand children along with various needed services.

This office on an average collects one hundred million dollars annually and distributes to 53 special districts and one bond issue. The revenue bond issue comes out of the county’s general fund.

As your County Treasurer I can only follow what you the public have influenced the County Commissioners and Special District board members to assess as far as taxes and their budget process. I will continue to follow the best practices in accounting and report monthly as to the County’s financial condition which is also posted monthly on the County website.

Upon being appointed to this office I reset the Afton office hours to coincide with the Kemmerer Courthouse office hours.

It is my intention to serve Lincoln County with the best service possible. I am qualified to serve as your County Treasurer, due to my background primarily in finance, business and also serving you for twelve years in the past. I would appreciate your support in the upcoming primary election.