Golf does well at home meet, prepares for state

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Kemmerer Rangers Ty Hysell, Rayce Kindschuh and Ben Wergin earned first, second and third place at the two-day golf event in Kemmerer and Green River. The state golf meet is in Sheridan this weekend. (COURTESY PHOTO/ Zem Hopkins)

Last week the Kemmerer Rangers played in a two-day event. On Thursday, Sept. 7, the Rangers hosted Rock Springs and Evanston’s J.V. team. On Friday, Sept. 8, the Green River team hosted Kemmerer, Rock Springs and Evanston’s J.V. team at the Rolling Green County Club.

The Kemmerer Ranger boys won the two-day event with a total of 720. Second place went to Green River and Rock Springs earned third place.

The Kemmerer boys were led by Ty Hysell, who earned first place in the event with a score of 89-82 - 171. Second went to Rayce Kindschuh with a score of 90-87 - 177. Ben Wergin earned third place with a 179. Next for the Rangers was Brandon Banister with a 91-102 - 193. Rounding out the varsity scoring was Shawn Crank with 112-112 - 224.

Several boys from the Rangers J.V. team played both days of the meet. Merrick Cooper led the J.V. team with a score of 108-107 - 215. Next was Brandon Crank  with 119-106 - 225. Trenton Skidmore shot a 126-118 - 244. Newcomer Hayes Merck in his first varsity tournament shot 119-119 - 238.

“This was an excellent week for the Rangers,” said coach Zem Hopkins. “Almost every player had a personal best of some kind this week. This was a great preparation for the State meet. The boys are playing well and should be ready to challenge for a 2A state title.”

This weekend the Kemmerer Rangers travel to Sheridan for the 2A State Golf Championship.

Front row: Trenton Skidmore, Hayes Merck. Back row: Michael Clark, Brandon Bannister, Rayce Kindschuh, Ty Hysell, Ben Wergin, Merrick Cooper. Not pictured: Shawn Crank and Brandon Crank. (COURTESY PHOTO/ Zem Hopkins)

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