Five things you should know: Kemmerer City Council meeting

On July 13, the Kemmerer City Council had its first meeting of the month. There were a total of nine items for discussion on the agenda. Here are the top five things you should know from the meeting.

1. Three-year contract with Netwize for Computer Services

Netwize is offering to continue service for the same amount of money per computer. The city now has about five more computers than last year, so it will cost more. Dean Stout, city attorney, said the best practice is not to lock in another council to a contract. However, the current council can sign the contract if it determines it is for the best of the city. Stout also said that when this happens, the council usually builds in a way for future Kemmerer City Councils to back out of the contract if they wish. Brian Muir, city administratior, said the contract has a clause for termination with 60 days’ notice. The council unanimously approved the contract.

2. The Triangle sidewalks

The City Council was accepting bids for construction and repair of the Triangle area sidewalks. The project would make the sidewalks wider and further comply with federal Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

“We think it would be a nice finishing touch to our downtown,” Brian Muir said. The council cited the final budget of the 2019-2020 fiscal year as their main concern. Mayor Tony Tomassi said he wanted to know the final numbers before considering the project. The council voted to table this until the next meeting on July 27.

3. Fifth West Avenue Change Order

The city is proposing to add Fifth West Avenue near the middle school to the plan for road repair and paving. The same firm that worked on Lincoln Heights and the Triangle will be in town to work on Emerald Street. If the city were to wait until the firm left, it would cost an additional $5,000 to get the crews back in town. If they were to add Fifth West Avenue while the crew is still working on Emerald Street, the cost would be around $86,000. Tom Crank from Crank Companies, a city contractor for engineering, told the council they should add $8,500-$10,000 to that price in case anything goes over budget. The Kemmerer City Council voted to table this until the next meeting on July 27.

4. Excavation Fees for Allwest Project

At the previous meeting, with a quote from Crank Companies, the Kemmerer City Council presented Allwest excavation fees in the amount of $23,048. Allwest believed it was too much as they were going to be bringing not only better internet connections through broadband and fiber, but also business through crews staying at the motels, eating at restaurants, etc. Allwest said they were going to spend a lot of money to better the city and would like some give and take when it came to the excavation fees. After much discussion, the council voted unanimously to bill the excavation fee as needed with the real cost not to exceed $11,524. This means the city would pay all costs that are above the $11,524.

5. Video options in City Council chambers

The city has been working to find ways to livestream Kemmerer City Council meetings. One possible solution is to use a camera from the South Lincoln Training and Events Center, purchase a $60 piece of equipment to make the camera Wi-Fi compatible, then to purchase or borrow a designated iPad or Kindle. Many council members were concerned with the amount of interest in the video. Mayor Tomassi and Councilperson Bill Price discussed circulating a poll on Facebook to see how much interest there is from the public and coming back to the item at a later time. The council made no motions and the item died with comments to revive it later.

Do you have any comments or questions involving the items here or something else in the community? Go to the next Kemmerer City Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 27 at Kemmerer City Hall and speak during the public comments section.