Five things you should know: Diamondville meeting

1. Solicitation

Councilperson Kathy Stukel brought up two instances of door-to-door solicitation in the community. She said she received multiple calls from community members who were uncomfortable with the solicitation and said the individuals were trying to find ways to get themselves inside the house. Potential solutions were discussed, and Police Chief Jeff Kolata said he would look into reports from that day to find information as he was at training when it occurred.

2. Lighting grant

The Town of Diamondville received a grant of $25,000 through the State Energy Program at the Wyoming Energy Authority. This will allow the town to upgrade lighting and lighting fixtures at the Town Hall, the large pavilion and the car wash. Lights will be upgraded to LEDs in order to save energy and reduce costs. The town is unsure about whether each job is to be bid separately as well as other details surrounding the project. The council decided to table approving bid ads until next meeting.

3. Ballpark grant

The Town of Diamondville received a $5,000 grant from Pacificorp in order to start the transition of the baseball park to regulation size. Town Clerk Tina Robinson said she is working to apply for the Kemmerer Community Foundation grant as well as one other to help with the cost.

“If we could get it all through grants, then we can get back in the tournaments with other towns,” Mayor Charles Langley said.

Councilperson Stukel emphasized the importance of the ballpark to the community. She said that not only would it allow Diamondville to compete in tournaments again, but also, because new lighting would be installed, Kemmerer teams might want to play there as well. Stukel also brought up that Diamondville could put in to host playoffs with the new ballpark.

4. Garbage accounts

Garbage billing for Oct. 1 will contain the final rate increase for services. After Oct. 1, a large garbage can will cost roughly $153 and a small can will cost $91. Town Clerk Tina Robinson reported that all but four delinquent garbage accounts have been paid or action has been taken against them in court — this includes payment plans, wage garnishment, etc.

5. Plow truck repairs

The council approved repairs of the plow truck at Wyoming Machinery Company – CAT for no more than $8,693.32. The motion details the use of a diagnostic machine first in order to know what exactly needs to be replaced. Mayor Langley said he will take special interest in the repairs to make sure costs were kept down.