End-of-year Cokeville academic awards

Cokeville Elementary and Cokeville High School faculty enjoyed an end-of-year dinner on Monday, May 21. This year three teachers were honored for their outstanding service in the Cokeville schools. Todd Dayton and Lila Rigby (pictured) are both retiring following many years of service to students attending Cokeville Elementary and Cokeville High School. Kalbi Harmon was also recognized and will be missed. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)

The Cokeville High School Awards Assembly was held Tuesday night in the high school auditorium. Seth Toomer earned the Character Award. Citizenship; Kaycee Linford earned the Citizenship Award. Sterling Murdock earned the Service Award, the Bear Lake Volunteerism Scholarship and the Bear Lake Health Care Foundation Scholarship. Michael Moyes earned the Leadership Award. Blake Thornock earned the Scholarship Award and the All West Scholarship. Rick Nate earned the 1st Bank Scholarship. Kaycee Linford earned the Commissioners’ Scholarship. The following seniors were presented with High Honors: Wyatt Awtrey, Kaycee Linford, Michael Moyes, Antheny Petersen, Sterling Murdock, Janetta Teichert, Katelyn Petersen, Blake Thornock and Seth Toomer.


The Cokeville Elementary Awards Assembly was held on Tuesday morning in the high school auditorium. Awards presented:

Spelling Bee — 4th Grade: Ammon Hatch, Hudson Himmerich, Brooke Bell

                      5th Grade: Brodie Dean, Eliza Harrild, Gavin Weske

                      6th Grade: Bryli Groll, Jack Dayton, Jack Harrild. Bryli also represented CES at the Lincoln County Spelling Bee.

Young Poets — Addison Barnes, Ammon Hatch, Brooke Bell, Hudson Himmerich, Hayden Stoor, Josh Floyd, Kanyon Luthi, Madilyn Dayton, McCall Murdock, Rachel Thomas and Kaden Nate.

Presidential Fitness  1st Grade: Myles Dayton, Geneva Murdock, Brylee Nate and Presli Pope

                      2nd Grade: Whitli Groll, Joey Thomas

                      3rd Grade: Jack Hulme, Flint Linford, Daxton Pope and Cade Thompson

                      4th Grade: Addison Barnes, Madilyn Dayton, Mia Dayton, Ammon Hatch, Hudson Himmerich, Kanyon Luthi and Rachel Thomas

                      5th Grade: Brodie Dean, Cambry Harmon, Tyson Larsen, Justin Moyes, Blaze Plowman and Kayson Walker

                      6th Grade: Avery Almendariz, Drake Plowman, TyLeigh Dayton, Bryli Groll, Jack Dayton, Jack Harrild, Micah Petersen, Dakota                         Vierig, Reagan Teichert and Cache Keetch 

Music  Black Belt: Madilyn Dayton, Ammon Hatch, Hudson Himmerich and Kanyon Luthi

             5th Grade Outstanding Band Student: Tyson Larsen

             Extra Mile: Brodie Dean

             6th Grade Outstanding Band Student: Bryli Groll

             Extra Mile: Kylee King

             Christmas Play Outstanding Actor: Cache Keetch, Outstanding Actress: Savannah Bell 

Duck Stamp Awards  1st Grade: Honorable Mention-Bentley McKinnon

                                  2nd Grade:  Honorable Mention-Joey Thomas, 3rd Place-Cooper Bird

                                  3rd Grade: Honorable Mention-Kooper Hansell and Kashton Walker, 1st Place-Kycen Moore

                                  4th Grade: Honorable Mention-Howie Watson and Ammon Hatch, 3rd Place-Mia Dayton.

AR Reading Awards  1st Grade: Bauer Keetch - 227 points

                                2nd Grade: Cooper Bird - 231 points

                                3rd Grade: Mackay Richardson-256 points, Kutler Keetch-266 points

                                4th Grade: Rachel Thomas-177

                                5th Grade; Eliza Harrild-927 points

                                6th Grade: Cache Keetch-455 points

                                The Overall Top Reader in the School was Eliza Harrild-927 points.

Perfect Attendance: Kynleigh Davis, Bryli Groll, Andrew Jackman

Extra Growth Awards: Kacen Milsted, Kooper Hansell and Kruz Smith 

Volunteers: Sue Richardson, Debbie Cook, Cody Linford, Angela Thompson and Amy Peck 

6th Grade President's Education Awards: Gold; Bryli Groll, Drake Plowman and Amelia Richardson

                  Silver: Savannah Bell, Jack Dayton, Katlynn Dean, Jack Harrild, Dakota Vierig and Micah Petersen.


The Cokeville Junior High Awards Assembly was held on Tuesday morning in the high school auditorium. Awards presented:

Science Award: Gracie Himmerich

History Awards: 7th Grade Geography-Riley Payne and Braelyn Diers

                        8th Grade History-Jasmine Gonzalez and Hunter Thomas

Math Awards: 7th Grade-Braelyn Diers and Jaycie Thornock

                     8th Grade-Allyson Tonga, Michea Petersen, Kylee Dayton and Kallianne Toomer

Music Awards: Junior High Band-Dakota King, Choir-Kylee Dayton

                     Musical: Best Actor-Tanner Brown, Best Actress-Michea Petersen

Art: 7th Grade-Riley Payne and Landon Walker

      8th Grade-Michael Cook