EMS hosts Child Safety Fair

A local EMT shows community members how to “stop the bleed” during a demonstration at Saturday’s Child Safety Fair, held at Diamondville Park. (GAZETTE PHOTO/Toby Chytka)

DIAMONDVILLE —South Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) held its second annual Child Safety Fair on Saturday, Aug. 27. The event was held at Diamondville Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The fair was scaled back a bit, after last year’s event, which included a bouncy castle and other features, was rained out.

The clear skies even allowed for the appearance of a helicopter from Air Life Utah. Aside from this event being sponsored by South Lincoln County EMS, there were many different groups there to help with the event.

Other organizations that helped make the event possible included the Naughton Power Plant, Wyoming State Highway Patrol, Lincoln County Search and Rescue, Kemmerer Police Department, Lincoln County Dispatch, Lincoln County Prevention, and Kemmerer Operations Mine Rescue. Each of them had a station explaining dangers and how to protect themselves from said dangers while offering either activities or candy.

Wyoming State Highway Patrol deputies brought with them a roll-over crash simulator that had the cab of a two-seat car on a rolling device to simulate what would happen if you weren’t wearing a seatbelt in the event of a rollover crash. They put a pair of dummies inside the cab and started to roll it, which caused both of the dummies to fly out of the cab to show the importance of wearing seatbelts.

The Naughton Power Plant booth, presented by Crystal and Clint Brown, included a small device to show how an electric circuit works and how a human body acts like a circuit. They used something called “Energy Sticks” to explain this. When someone would put their hands on both ends of these sticks, lights and noises would go off from the completed circuit.

Lincoln County Dispatch had a cotton candy maker, where you had to answer a question about calling dispatch in order to get the sweet treat.

There was a demonstration called “Stop the Bleed,” where they showed children how to stop a large gash or wound from bleeding by stuffing the wound with cotton bandages — or anything they could use in an emergency situation, including their pants or shirt, putting pressure on it, and then taking a belt or strap and wrapping it over the wound, getting it super tight and keeping it there to stop the bleeding.

There were games, such as cornhole, a Nerf gun gallery, and more. Children who played these got prizes — anything from a pair of shades to small, spinning tops.

EMS also started a cadet program, the first of its kind in Wyoming, with one of the few requirements being that you had to be of high school age or older. Along with that, there was a raffle. The money from the fair and raffle will go toward educational programs, officials said.


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