Elementary schools, PTO host science fair

GAZETTE PHOTO / Theresa Davis

Canyon and Kemmerer elementary schools and the PTO hosted a science fair last weekend. Pictured: Canyon Elementary Best of Show winner Clayton Rogers, Canyon Elementary Grand Prize winner Jolee Swasey, Kemmerer Elementary Grand Prize winner Garrett Ellis and Kemmerer Elementary Best of Show winner Johnny Swasey.

Students from Kemmerer Elementary and Canyon Elementary participated in a science fair on Friday, Jan. 11, and Saturday, Jan. 12. The Canyon Elementary gym was packed with students' projects and presentations based on their science experiments.

"This is our first year, so we were only expecting a few projects," Ginny Rogers, one of the science fair organizers, told parents and students at the awards ceremony on Jan. 12. "These kids did so awesome."

Grand prize winners won a scooter, Best of Show winners received $30, and the first, second and third place winners for each grade received a cash prize.

The Kemmerer Elementary School Grand Prize winner was Garrett Ellis. Kemmerer Elementary Best of Show went to Johnny Swasey. The Best Penmanship award for Kemmerer Elementary went to Beau Cunningham for his work on his project.

For the Kindergarten projects, 1st place went to Elizabeth Grandy, 2nd place was Ray Lundgren, and 3rd place was Lukas James. 

In 1st grade, 1st place went to Bristol Ellis, 2nd place to Taygan Cunningham, and 3rd place to Oaklee Hill.

In 2nd grade, Joey Potts earned 1st place, 2nd place went to Beau Cunningham, and 3rd place went to Addison West.

The Canyon Elementary School Grand Prize winner was Jolee Swasey. The Canyon Elementary Best of Show winner was Clayton Rogers.

In 3rd grade, 1st place was Tyler Barnum and 2nd place was Wyatt Lundgren.

In 4th grade, 1st place was Zachary Seiler, 2nd place went to Bridger Neria and Cage Bowen, and 3rd place was Ledger Ellis.

For 5th grade, 1st place was Claire Crosland, 2nd place was Haddie Plowman and 3rd place was Rebee Frankus. 

Kindergarten winners

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